Ainak wala jinn was not worth mentioning in this list. February 24, Tax directory IF humility was a characteristic usually associated with our legislators, one would imagine several of them being Perhaps dhuwan or Chand Girhan should have made it to the list instead of ainak wala Jin It was an adaptation of the Book “Fathers and Sons”. I still watch them at least once very six months, thanks to YouTube. Oh man, I am a 90s kid.

Family and other social and moral values shown in these dramas were actually part of our society which are extinct now. An-kahi tops the list though, amazing script, phenomenal script!!! Mandhan yes agreed we used to run towards homes in the evening leaving our favourite game of cricket to watch ainak wala jin. The best thing about pakistani drama are they are far excellent compared to indian farce soaps, because all pk drama are Urdu based. Naye Silsilay was aired in A rerun of some of these on International Channels would be highly appreciated by the older as well as the present generations, and enable the Pakistani as also the Indian communities living abroad to understand each others’ cultures and ways of life which are common in many ways so that there is more cordiality and congeniality among them henceforth.

Our society has regressed Big time. Naye Silsilay was an utter disappointment and should not have gone through to ruin the original.

Mar 14, The time lines of taleem e balighan should be correct.

OMG this article brings back such fond memories. These are tooooooooooo good tv drama series.

I miss those times. Today’s drama on television has no basis in our culture and country and worth nothing. Inspired by AnkahiBollywood released the movie Chal Mere Bhai in with the same story line as the drama. Man Chalay Ka Sauda was adapted from a episoode novel of the same name by distinguished Urdu author and scholar Ashfaq Ahmad. Abdul Azeem Shaikh says: Considered one of the most realistic depictions of Pakistan, Waris is a story of a feudal family, their struggles to maintain their land and wealth, and the inter-family differences and tussles that lead to their downfall.


All above mentioned dramas are masterpiece The reality of uneven citizenship has created a sense of isolation. I think shahnaz shaikh epitomizes women in Pakistan. But then that my opinion. Initially it ran epidode half an hour which was converted into one hour due to public demand.

List of Pakistani television series

Also since you mentioned a serial “Alif aur Noon” which was not a drama, Anwar Maqsood’s “Such Gup” was also as hugely popular. No 2 for me was Kudha ki basti. I haven’t yet come across rrama family in pakistan who doesn’t have a similar problem and fights like this in their own homes and this is exactly what our dramas are depicting. It changed the way production-design was handled in Pakistani dramas.

I would love to add Andhera Ujala n fifty fifty instead of Ainak wala Jin. After 27 years of not getting enough of Tanhaiyana sequel named Tanhaiyan: Almost forgotten but buried in sub conscious.

No “uncle Urfi” in the list. Although a comedy, Alif Noon dealt with serious issues such as fraud, scam and cheating, among others, in Pakistani society.

Aagosh Classical PTV Drama Serial – Part 10/12

Naye Silsilay can be forgiven by the viewers, if they attempt a proper remake of the sequel. Left out Dhuaan, it keeps getting igonored for some reason.

Mostly agree with your choice but I am most disappointed that you did not include the name of most important person, the writer Things have not changed a lot since these plays were aired years ago. July 11, at 1: I am sometimes amazed at the talent we had and still have, the subtlety at which crama are masters, the dialogue, acting, music August 11, at Such a shame that no such programmes are made in Pakistan anymore.

Top 10 lists are usually debatable, however its difficult to understand how masterpieces like ‘Aangan Tera’, ‘Andhera Ujala’ and ‘Jaangloos’ failed to make the cut and yet relatively lightweight stuff like ABC and Ankhaee did.


In fact, the cast was invited to perform in front of Princess Diana and the patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital when she visited Pakistan in These are the assets of Pakistan. Qureshi, Sushma may come face to face in Abu Dhabi.

Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. Ruhi Bano and Shakeel. The late Nasheela of Ainak Wala Jin.

August 16, at 2: Family and other social and moral rpisode shown in these dramas were actually part of our society which are extinct now. It was an adaptation of the Book “Fathers and Sons”. Waqt drama is also deserve in top 10 Position.

What a golden time when women were actually depicted as educated, ambitious, independent individuals and not perpetually crying over a man.

Mandhan yes agreed we used to run towards homes in the evening leaving our favourite game of cricket to watch ainak wala jin. What wonderful dramas PTV used to make.

Aagosh Classical PTV Drama Serial – Part 10/12 – video dailymotion

That begs the question why don’t you go out and reclaim your country? YOu forgot ‘Andhera Ujala’ which definitely is another classic. I was in University at the time of Dhoop Kinarey and there used to be no room to sit in the hostel common room when this drama was aired.

Modi reminds Imran of promise to fight poverty with Aagsh.