She never imagined her heart could have so much love inside. I may as well be the first to say it: I would count myself as a feminist, but I have to say I really love how the guys all stand up from a table when a woman approaches. Nobody was going to try to look for a body after a few days, so Abe reasonably assumed that Daniel was dead after eight or nine months of not hearing anything about him. Karen – Abe never liked Dan. Daniel may have erased his prison record but wouldn’t there be another record somewhere within the police department?

I do think that Abe has acted out of normal, healthy, brotherly love for his sister and an unfair misjudgment of Dan. They discuss the situation of the secretary. Here is what I think happened: He is also paranoid, which can work both ways. So done with him! Abe didn’t necessarily send Dan up without a trial – Chilean law could be very harsh and not like the US. Tu galan es mi galan tambien.

Now to pop up with his sister and possible baby in tow to “prove” Dan is bad just seems like more crazy stuff from an addled mind.

That’s a lot of scenes and plot turns at the rate we’re going. Pablo will look for her and will also go speak with the director at the school. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays. Dio and Abe have made contact and new misery awaits our unsuspecting happy couple.

Anita- Thanks for amplifying that little scene between Cam and Dan.

I checked and it episove looks like that is the case. Camila even has kind of a Titanic moment standing at the end of the lancha, arms outstretched. Paquita – Great title. I especially appreciated all the detailed conversations epizode included, in particular the one between Dionicio and Abram. Thanks everybody for those “mis padres” confusion. Some are very hard on Abe—his only injustice thus far was putting Dan in jail without due process of the law—he went underground; the circumstances are yet to be known—the people that need to know are kept in the loop—Gaston and others that were considered close to Dan Dante remain in the dark.


He reluctantly opens the envelope and………. I watch Cuidado in the morning and I couldn’t help get crazy about the character “Cande” the woman who took care of Marichuy. Refugio is only too happy to help.

Paquita- Wonderful, fun recap.

Then of course Miriam gets shot and all of the evidence points to Dan and Abe, on the brink of losing the only family he has left because of this interloper, goes into level 10 protection mode. I want Barb to fall off a cliff. There is potential to go down that road as well.

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Everyone well, the bad guys noted the life insurance policy as motive when Dan was accused of killing Miriam. I want Fernando Colunga to take me in his arms, embrace me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

Dionicio is listening from another table and is impactado by their statement that Abram has vanished when he just received a a call from him a few days ago! My brother and I will say “my mom” etc.

He’s been relatively smart about things but to think Cam wants any part of him is so crazy. I do agree that when Yago episodde it, it had a particularly snotty ring to it.

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Putting Dan in prison without a trial was unjust; but in his mind he was protecting his sister from a man towards whom he had lukewarm feelings and was guilty episose on all the circumstantial evidence. Karen et al–Dio doesn’t care whether Cam will want to be with him or not. Abe may also be guilty of some religious bigotry, which episodw common enough among Orthodox Jews even against Conservative and Reform ones. However, Epispde can see and understand why he did what he did and in his mind thought he was doing the right thing by his sister.


He is a man after all and gave in. I’m curious to see what that’s all about. How I wish I could say the same of Cande. Once he explains everything that is going on at LMQAbram will understand how everything will be cleared up but insists no one must know he Dionicio was involved.

Anita-yes I did notice that it rained! Oooooh, looks like Our Lady in Lavender did some canooodling of her own last night! Yago is such a ratfink! Stupid of Caye and Mariano not to suspect he bravoo, considering the way he’s been acting.

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It’s still odd to me to talk that way, but oh well. The two previous villains with this issue that I know of see our past Dirty Dozen on this one are actually creepier than El Diablo. Hissadora would have her for a snack.