Hamas does not honor a cease-fire. Yes there are some innocent casualties because the brave freedom fighters are hiding in kindergartens and behind their families. That land belonged to the Jews for about 4, years or so. For people who lose their families in such attacks, what do they have to care for anymore? They do not let journalists in, they bomb schools ank kill childrend, the situation they build up is similar to the jewish gettos in nazi germany, shame on you mister Barak! They rejected all three in the hopes that they would ultimately prevail in destroying the State of Israel and be able to pick up the status quo before the UN resolution which established the State of Israel and a viable political entity. In the three years after the withdrawal from Gaza, 11 Israelis were killed by rocket fire. How about the suicide bombers in crowded malls and buses?

It’s a country that’s, quite simply, always itching for a fight. Try to negotiate with them? Why would they accept that? The Palestinians are no better with their rocket attacks on civilian targets. It is good to see that at least Israel dont roll over for the islamic terrorist, war is hell, but what the hell does Israel not have a right to defend themself? I don’t support wars and killing people. I mean killing killing killing, against the populations, civilians, no matter who.

They have helped us when other cowardly countries would not. Why aren’t the surrounding Arab countries helping these people? For many years the “I” family remodels, and builds, and turns the run down house into a very desirable piece adf property. I am thankful that picture 30 was put here. Do some history reading. I support Israel in everything they do.


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Those countries who have supplied Hamas with weapons are just as culpable in this war as Israel or Hamas. Guess we know where you’re headed. Now they have their war and they don’t like it because they are dying. When you push someone to survive, thats what happens. This is interesting CNN is reporting that “no” media is allowed in Gaza.

Let’s try to maintain our heritage, revolt if possible, but realize that there might be consequences. If you’re going to whine about Israel “stealing” land then you need to go through history and advocate for undoing the results of every kovie war ever fought which resulted in a chunk of land being governed by a different country.

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The wests “modern” religion is no better. But if we all give them enough time, things will get much worse.

Human are not made to asdv each other, we should advice and help each other. Now imagine this situation lasting for over 50 years.

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Try reading the words and not just looking at the pictures. Also for reference, picture 5 looks more like mist than smoke. Even the ambulance near the UN building becomes the target Israel is defending itself. And really it’s not about who killed more, it’s about who is planting seeds of hate and who has all the USA power behind itself.


I don’t care who is right and who is wrong, gordx anyone who thinks that Israel’s right to defend asdff is going anywhere is absolutely deceived. It’s time to accept the responsibility for the consequences of our thoughts and actions and deal with the real world social-economic and environmental issues we ALL face in THIS century!

This occupation is an embarrassment to Jews across the globe. So many comments here who have no idea of the history and ideology of the region. Palestinian populations also include Jews and Christians among Muslims.

This assf our land and you can’t make us leave. But I do believe Hamas needs to get out! Image 19 is very touching.

Well, from reading news sites they were dropping information regarding hamas using them asdr listed some un type relief areas in some schools By killing with massive weapons innocents palestinians civilians, Israel is defecating on the memory of the Shoah. Arabs have lived in Palestine for more than a thousand years before Israel was created.

And where are the Arab movis. They are not all made in Gaza. Where on earth did Israel get all those weapons?

I suggest you read the holy quran. Although i do not support neither Hamas nor Fateh, i do believe that firing rockets i completely justifiable, after all islam orders people to defend themselves from enemies who attack move family or home.