Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be kissing any old moms. Uh, a lot of people. Have you guys seen Jenna? I’ve been showing him around the house. Thanks for inviting me to your exclusive party at the very last minute. That was a close call. Pachelbel’s Canon in “D. Well, it was nice to see you, and I better go.

And the new year is supposed to be new. Matty wanted a quiet night in. Wait, if it’s just you and Matty, what are you gonna do at midnight? Tamara’s on her way. Don’t you feel a little out of place? I’d love some bubbly. Well, it was nice to see you, and I better go.

Oh, for God’s sake. Wait, Matty was getting away. She spent all day cooking.

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I need to kiss you. And we only went to second base, so as far as I was concerned, I had a very clean slate. Uh, what do you think?

Who would want to go to that? Well, if you call kissing my mom on the cheek breaking the pact. Hey, at least your mom knows how to have fun. I’d love some bubbly. E04e13 on a cleanse. So skip class and hook up with a rando, and go to Sadie’s rager. Ah, I feel so much better now.


Tv Review: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S04E13

It usually takes forever for her to fall asleep. And the table is for my parents. Jenna wants to reveal the truth to Matty, but will her loved ones stop her? Senior pranks awwkard havoc while Jenna’s resolution to stop thinking about Matty is tested when she overhears a disturbing secret. I think his mom’s with your mom. He was the perfect midnight kiss No complications.

You were a classical music fan, and you didn’t even know it. Don’t you feel a little out of place? I am so happy you are here. How was hanging with Matty so hard? I’m gonna get a wine cooler. Previous Episode Next Episode. So what’s your major? Where were you at midnight?

She’s not alone though, as Jake, Tamara, and Lissa all have big decisions themselves. He is so gay. She was my horse.

No, I was with my mom also. Uh Does that guy go to our school? I don’t know how to talk to her. That must be my Pi Phi Delts. Officer, I’ve been bad. I don’t think he’s ready to deal with people asking him about Eva. He took off with some older chick. This man told me he was a police officer! Lust within the bosom of the family is a vile sin!



Matty and I had both failed at our no-hook-up pact, but not at renewing awwkward friendship. Time to put some spice on this ice.

Looks like Matty needed less of a cock block and more of an emotional rock. You have to akwward them talk. He should’ve just gone to Ally’s party with me instead of bro-ing out at some stupid football game.

No one here is the help. It’s a good thing. I don’t know why I’m here. Matty’s here, but happy new year, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. You want to see it? Make that a very dirty slate.