In the film, Farida is addressed as Ba-e. Full Cast and Crew. In the film, there is too much Arabization. Arguably, he remains to become the best Filipino actor to date. Great script, great direction. When one speaks of Moro or Muslim, the Christian male immediately thinks of the harem or at least four wives. They illustrate the rival between the Christian and Muslim who find themselves prejudiced against each other because of ignorance. Generally speaking, Filipino films are of the melodrama genre.

Diaz-Abaya, took up Islamic Studies for two years. Francis and Rashid, at their very young age, find themselves prejudiced against each other. Nobody overacted thanks for her. Films I have Watched. Video is not sold. While films have embedded themselves in the Filipino non-Moro psyche, the Moros did not really have opportunity to include films in their culture. The great majority of Moros were introduced to films only after independence from America in Audible Download Audio Books.

In fact, no character in the film was shown to have more than one wife. Datu Ali also tells Lt.

One thing I like in this movie is that there are implied messages intended to open the minds of the viewers. Although the filmmakers saw for themselves the real nature of women in Moro society, they presumably did not dare enter such controversial issues especially since they were already in unchartered territory.

In fact, when an armed group military or MILF went through his neighborhood with guns blazing, he came out with an armalite, ready to fire at the intruders. You are commenting using your WordPress. Join or Log Into Facebook. The Moro protagonist may be a policeman fighting syndicates or a soldier fighting renegades. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It also did not resort to any melodrama or melodramatic scenes which is typical among many Filipino films.

This page was last edited on 30 Juneat Great script, great direction. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Diaz-Abaya carefully presented the movie with genuine details. In fact, there are Christians in the Christian-dominated municipality of Wao, Lanao del Sur who have practically no contact with their Moro province mates.


Rashid’s Mother Dante Balois Diaz-Abaya admitted that she promised the military that they would not portray the military in a negative manner and would not glorify violence. Ahmad wishes to bring his family to Manila in order to escape the conflict in Mindanao but convinces no one, even his mother.

Unfortunately, in Philippine films, narratives can be quite unnatural.

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If you know, move give us mail. And the language of the Moros is interspersed with Arabic phrases and the local language. Francis Jiro Manioa young Catholic boy, smumary separated from his parents during the confusion and follows Rashid. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Montano plays the lead character Ahmad,who works as a surgeon in Manila,the capital of the Philippines.

One example of these messages is when Rashid Carlo Aquinoa hot-blooded Moro and Francis Jiro Manioa young Christian boy predispose like an oil and water. Gawad Urian Awards [2].

Metro Manila Film Festival [3] [4] [4]. Start With a Classic Cult.

Watch now on “UnMade”. Bae Farida Amy Austria Datu Ali Jhong Hilario Rolando Tolentino Rolando Tolentino. Keep track of everything you watch; sumary your friends. Thank you for your kind reading. When one speaks of Moro or Muslim, the Christian male immediately thinks of the harem or at least four wives.

Arguably, he remains to become the best Filipino actor to date. In the film, there is too much Arabization. Buwann I have Watched. With all of the anti-Muslim propaganda in the media, this is one small dose of antidote for our community’s mental and sociological health which touches hearts of those who are open to it.

Bagong Buwan, a Marilou Diaz-Abaya film

In the era of nation-states, the dominant groups use the concept of nationalism to maintain hegemony. In the end, one realizes that “nobody really wins in a war. A buwn peace is better than a just war. The film is ingeniously directed, properly produced and remarkably given into life by its characters. Realizing that the violence have become an everyday occurrence with the armed conflict going on between the Filipino soldiers and the Summady rebels, he tells tries to convince his family to go and transfer to Manila as he strives to live a peaceful life.


But it has no script in Japanese or in English. His acting is much better than his movie, Jose Rizal.

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She is also broad-minded. And in this unequal war, many innocent Moro civilians die in the process. While many of his kind are bent on fighting, thinking that Mindanao is only for the Muslims, Ahmad prefers to live a simple and peaceful life. Whether Arab or Persian or Malay, most Filipinos regard them as one and the same. The spectators may feel that the director wants to ram through their throats ideas that they may prefer to ponder upon in a more mocie manner.

Perhaps it would be wise for the director to refrain mivie speaking about the film.

Yet despite the controlling pro-peace discourse, the film features a series of fractures and discontinuities in narrative and characterization that leave the viewer with a conflicted notion of what peace and reconciliation between Christian and Muslim Filipinos might look like.

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Cesar Montano’s performance is very moving.