This study will prove a base for the next research on broader level. If media practitioners failed to get financial support they will move toward close down of newspaper, television, websites, movie studios etc. Women were presented by wearing clothes in shalwar and qameez with dopatta. Pakistani channels are the shows and films of foreign countries which also effecting our community. Television played a dynamic role in social reformation and preservation of social market as discussed by Klein that the rise of market was a democratizing force in eighteen century [ 1 ]. Pakistan television drama has the capacity to bring revolution in building positive attitude. The researcher focused on content of Pakistan television drama. Drama serial bint-e-adam has

Background music in olden drama of s is almost none. Drama serial ankahi which was telecasted in has The outstanding contribution of private production is that it has eliminated feudalist characteristics from Pakistan television. These are private channels which are been known after the emergence of satellite television and cable television. Drama plays a dynamic role in education, entertainment and binding society in national culture. But 21 st century experience new ideas, thoughts, fashion outlook and contents in Pakistan television drama that led many researchers towards study of PTV drama.

The drama of s was based on social issue which contributes with social evil and tries to eliminate the social problem from community. The inquiry in this research is about to find out the drama characteristics of s and 21 st century drama of Pakistan television.

Content analysis is a method of studying objectives and quantitative manner for the purpose of measuring variables. We are destroying our culture and language without which we cannot preserve our identity. People want to see the socially controversial themes as sensationalismsex, crime, violence, vulgarity.

Among these 18 dramas 12 dramas were based on social issues.


This drama was seen by almost 13 million women and men. Drama serial bint-e-adam has The study approached two groups.

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In drama serial waris, Pakistan television bjnte has a great importance since its dawn till early s. Indian private channels are affecting Pakistani drama. These are some of the inquiries that are discussed know with detail after having quantitative data. Binte e Adam drma ost song by Ishaqkhan Utmanzai Episore. Their aim is not betterment of audience or society. This research work has find out the real essence of Pakistan television drama of s and 21 st century.

Whether 21 st century drama of Pakistan television verdicts domestic stories than social issues based stories? Writers are not enough able to captivate episoe audience. The study investigates the drama of s in its presentation and 21 st century prime time drama presentation for having an insight on its various aspects through content analytical research technique. They elaborate it while finding srama answer of the questions that why do people watch Pakistan television?

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All these dimensions are linked with the arrival of cable and satellite television. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues.

Drama serial ankahi which was telecasted in has New Funny Comedy Videos. Drama producers encourage writers to put stories into social circle to highlight social issues. Tayyaba concludes in her study that PTV lake pluralistic culture and fails to present the participation of all segments of society in it [ 10 ].

Whether the drama of 21 st century based on thematic diversity than PTV drama of s? Do the background sets of PTV dramas are responsive to our local culture or exceed in glamorous infrastructure? Does the access in infrastructure resulted episoee st century drama srama, westernized, glamorous and civilized?

The inquiry is to have clear understanding about the elements of drama, cultural invasion whether adopted or not?


Shahid concludes in his research work that private production has exaggerated effects on our Pakistan television dramas. In s drama, hi-bye culture was presented in higher class but in 21 st century drama has removed that element and present Pakistani culture in social interaction. In drama of s, drama serial waris has 4.

Private production has changed the theme of stories, dressing and picturization. One reason of star plus drama popularity is its viewer ship in the entire world where Urdu-Hindi community lives and audience of both genders male and female. This element also affects the Pakistan television drama and as a result we see that drama of 21 st century is influenced by that. Content analysis is a research technique for making replicable and valid reference from data to their content. The researcher will address the question to find out new innovations in PTV prime time drama of 21 st century in comparison with s drama.

Along with the findings, it was a survey study. For example, from dressing point of view kurta and shalwar. The newspaper New York sun which was started in by Benjamin day. Pakistan television drama plays a dynamic role and participates in giving awareness to audience about certain issues through its contents. One group said that it is good for entertainment while the other group were lapsed viewer who said that its programs are not so surprising and thought provoking to captivate attention of audience.