Voros, Janos Voroshilov, Klementy E. The editor listened to these broadcasters and occasionally their peers for purposes of reference and standardization. I encourage adult students like me to stick to their education, its worth it. R i uhs ju ‘5ur I as usurp yoo: Weizaecker, von, Carl F. N ,im par ‘tjun impostor im PAHS ter im ‘pas tar impotence IM puh t’ns ‘im pa tans impotency IM puh t’n si ‘im pa tan si impotent IM puh t’nt ‘im pa tant imprecatory IM pri kuh taw ri ‘im pri ka ,ta ri impregnate inconsolable impregnate impresario impress n impress v imprimatur imprimis improvvisatore impudent impugn impute inadvertent inanities inanition inapplicable inaugural inaugurate v inca, Inca Incahuasi Peak incandescence incandescent incarnate a incarnate v incendiary incense n inchoate Inchon Korea incisive incisor inclement incline n incline v inclose include inclusion inclusive incognito income incomparable incompetent incomposite incongruent incongruous inconsolable im PREG nayt im pre SAH ri oh IM pres im PRES im pri MAY ter im PRIGH mis im proh vee zah TOH ray IM pyoo: LAY hee ‘le hi Adm. The second edition omits about 2, words listed in the first edition.

BIK wi tubs Francis Ludlow, editor of the Retail Bookseller, was consulted for lists of contemporary authors. SOH ,ru ‘so route roo: It is a valuable source, as are similar place-name guides already pre- pared for Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. SAH kuh lu ‘sa ka lute loo: Whenever a group of model speakers is used for purposes of reference and stand- ardization, variant pronunciations are likely to arise.

Consequently, they and their peers have been used as models tuent the majority of pronunciations in this manual. RAHK ruh si byoo: AY sh’n k’n TIN yoo: TEEN ru ‘tin roux roo: Moreover, the average broadcaster cannot reproduce many of these strange sounds with any degree of faithfulness.


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T ist ‘flut ist fluvial FLOO: AWR li ‘nz noo: In order to record pronunciation graphically some system is needed that allows one symbol for each sound. REE ter ju ‘ri tar urethra yoo: Arawak Arawakan arbiter arbitrage arbitrament arbitrary arbitrate arbitration arbitrator arbor, arbour arboreal arboretum arbor vitae arbutus arc Arc, capiranul, Jeanne arcade Arcadia Arcady arcanum Arcaro, Eddie Arce, Jose Dr.

Americans have always resented superimposition in matters dealing with standards of pronunciation. Byui online support free We wish you a very merry Christmas from BYUIdaho, and look forward to another year of success as we kick off Winter Semester.

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Dnestr river Dnieper river Dnieprostroi U. The broad IPA has been selected for transcrip- tion in this book.

The second edition contains many new entries. Oresteia Orestes Orfeo ed Euridice organization orgy orient, Orient a, n orient v oriental.

Although other countries have attempted to exact “pure” standards for many centuries, America has not chosen to do so. Each word recorded in the pronunciation list of this book is transcribed twice. LEE kuh zu ‘li ka zu Lowenstein, Hubertus tsoo: Since there are twenty-six letters in the spelling alphabet and approximately forty sounds in American speech, it is obviovis that more symbols are needed for recording pronunciation correctly.

BIK wi tehr i yoo: R uhp ‘jur 9p European yoo: Episcopal episcopate episode episodic epistemology epistle.

If the station is a local one, the broadcaster would do well to pronounce words as the educated people of his com- munity pronounce them. FRAY teez ju ‘fre tiz Euphrosyne yoo: The others were too easy, according to the results of a canvas of broadcasters and students of broad- casting. Hz ‘m ‘bat ju liz am bouchee boo: Norman Siegel, Paramount Pictures, Inc.


LAHN ‘fur] ‘ju ‘Ian funicular fyoo: Inconsistencies in pronunciation irritate some listeners. I encourage adult students like ei to stick to their education, its worth it.

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December 24 and Lambert, recently completed an interesting master’s thesis in the faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Missouri. AH ,ru ‘d rouge roo: RICH uh luhs ju ‘rai 9 bs Eurydice yoo: R i ‘n ay TYOO: FLAY suhf sawt soo: Francis Ludlow, editor of the Retail Bookseller, was consulted for lists of contemporary authors.

R ik Fsantul fyoo: MID i ti hju ‘mid I ti humiliate hygienic humiliate hyoo: One day perhaps this will be reduced to one huge book.

There was the kinetic Algernon, a choleric artificer of icons and tritychs, who wanted to write a trilogy. P gwah duh LOO: The IPA and respelling systems, as used in this manual, are as follows: RAHK li dahn ju ‘rak tunt dan Europa yoo: