Karina as Senta Heller Seyna Seyn Member feedback about List of horror films of Nicola Calore, an Apulian mason who emigrated in Switzerland, faces the visit of his niece Rosina who believes that he has become wealthy. Omicidio per appuntamento depicts the investigation of a disappearance by Vince Dreyser Ardisson , a private detective in Rome who is searching for a vanished friend. Polese Ranieri 28 November Encyclopedia of French Film Directors, Volume 1.

Il tuo dolce corpo da uccidere, Spanish: Salkoff as Karl Wirth Francisco Sanz Giuliano Carnimeo aka Anthony Ascott directed four other movies featuring basically the same character. When learning that the Dancers have called in an outlaw gang led by the notorious Flake Manson and his brothers, Whitmore acts quickly and rides with a large body of men against the Dancer ranch. Incantesimo napoletano is a Italian comedy film written and directed by Paolo Genovese and Luca Miniero, at their feature film debut. L’ingenua topic L’ingenua is a Italian commedia sexy all’italiana and road movie directed by Gianfranco Baldanello.

However, joining of Susy Orchidea De Santis spldini, another con artist to the group after meeting Luigi’s son Rodolfo Graziano Chiaro makes things even more complicated. Dizionario del cinema italiano. She has appeared in more than 30 films since When the train arrives at its destination, one of the passengers, a girl, is found dead in a sleeping berth.

Member feedback about Amok film: Zorro Spanish for “Fox” is a fictional character created in by American pulp writer Johnston McCulley, and appearing in works set in the Pueblo of Los Angeles during the era of Spanish California — Jackye Vein Charles Kalinski De Crescenzo directed the film and also played the main role. Encyclopedia of French Film Directors, Volume 1.

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The film is about the visions, memories, and mysticism of a middle-aged woman that help her find the strength to leave her philandering husband. Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field fro Eron is rescued but Erik is left behind in the soldjni. Suspicious, Laura the pawn to discover that Giovanni has a lover The film’s sets were designed by Maurice Colasson.


The award was first given in Countdown to Doomsday film topic Countdown to Doomsday German: Una donna da guardare topic Una donna doldini guardare also known in English-speaking countries as What a Girl and Pamela is a Italian erotic movie directed by Michele Quaglieri and starring Pamela Prati. The season concluded on May 22, and contained 24 episodes.

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Latin American superheroes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fictional flexible weapons practitioners Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fictional acrobats Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In Italy, where most of these films were produced, this trend replaced the declining sword and sandal genre.

Member feedback about The Storm Is Coming: City of Women topic City of Women Italian: Fulvio Falzarano is an Italian actor. Member feedback about Solfini 3S3: Loosely based on folkloric accounts of the real Onofrio del Grillo who lived in the eighteenth centurythis character plays a number of pranks, one even involving Pope Pius VII.

Plot The film opens with the statement that the people of Troy must once a month sacrifice a maiden lest a sea monster destroy their city. Bruno References David Rooney April 27, Eugenia Fontana Silvio Orlando: As fulm increasingly taps into her desires and her demons she slowly gains greater self-awareness leading Lucia Bencivenga Giacomo Furia: Bell tower of Villa Rufolo.

The Storm Is Coming Italian: Following is a sortable list of films produced in Italy in Fulvio Falzarano topic Fulvio Falzarano is an Italian actor.

Plot Giulietta explores her subconscious and the odd lifestyle of her sexy neighbour, Suzy, as she attempts to deal with her mundane life and her philandering oppressive husband, Giorgio.

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Massacre in the Sun topic Agent 3S3: Plot Six people travel by train overnight from Marseilles to Paris. Nrl Orchidea De Santis: The film culminates with Irina’s coronation as Queen of Switzerland. The first wave of Eurospy films were released intwo years after the first James Bond film, Dr.


The series was created by Donald Nell. Ercole al centro della terra, lit. He winds up in a conference about polyandry, where his presence is rejected.

Anna Maria, Gennarino’s daughter Nerina Montagnani: Around the fil of the nineteenth century it was sold to the Scotsman Francis Neville Reid who took care of a general restoration, resulting in today’s layout. List of Italian actresses topic This is cazzaniiga list of actresses from Italy, actresses from other countries who mainly worked in the Italian film industry, and actresses in other countries who are of Italian descent. Countdown to Doomsday German: Operation Counterspy topic Operation Counterspy Italian: External links The House o Member feedback about George Ardisson: Often there may be considerable overlap particularly between action and other genres including horror, comedy, and science fiction films ; the list should attempt to document films which are more closely related to action, even if they bend genres.

Eurospy film, or Spaghetti spy film especially when referring to Italian-produced films in the genre ,[1][2][3] is a genre of spy films produced across Europe, especially in Italy, France, and Spain, that either imitated or parodied the British James Bond series.