A trait, might I add, that I don’t see in you having since you were so willing to expose Jillian’s breasts in your movie, a move I don’t ever see the jealous type doing. I hope you get better soon! After you spoke about the feeling you get before you have seizures, I had to show my Daddy and ask if those were similar to the feeling he used to get before he had one. Chloe, Officer Garcia voice. I hope that you take all the time you need to get better. Thank God he had that brain surgery in

I feel obligated to say that reading that made me feel dirty. I’m back on track. The Animated Series is dead? I hope other people respect these boundaries in the future. Were there legal issues meaning Lloyd could not contract to such a commitment? She even admitted to basically just egging them on to get them pissed off. I might watch Dracula Untold one day just for Charles Dance.

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Goddammit, Lloyd, you’re adorable and I love snpb, but put your ego aside and let the man talk of his shirt struggles! I call you a douchebag. He always said he would have what he called a “creepy” feeling that he always found difficult to describe.

It’s great to see Brad’s friends get better and a lot more talented in his videos as the years have passed. Even if what was said about Jones was true, the fact is that all people have a little drama in their lives, and it is his conema, it has literally no effect on any viewers. But all the same, fuck you randy.


The Worst Films of (Brian, Sarah and Dave Edition)

No matter what the reason was or is, I’m fine with not knowing because it’s none of my business. I’m truly blessed he had the faith in me to jiloian me to film it at all.

This is what happens when you talk to bears. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

Also if you film an 80s Dan episode in the future, you could say that Dan ran afoul of well These three need their own show on this site. And then he goes and does something worse for literally no reason other than he could.

You should never ever Google final stages of syphilis. It seems to me that the only one stirring shit up is Jake and Rayn. Brad coming home ssnob hang out with the cats and share some love is freaking adorable! His jealously lead him to push you off the railing so that he can take over your spotlight.

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The only thing that would make me care who’s fucking Sarah is if it was me. I’ve still got the scars. I’m sure you can play the sympathy card to have them go see San Andreas and Aloha. Abigail – Irving is for sure married. Or Kung Tai Ted. I hope you feel better soon enough.


Glad to hear you’re out of the hospital, hope the rest gets better soon. Just please take care? Wishing you a speedy recovery Brad.

It’s occurred to me that I have never donated and I would like to do so. But Pain Medications is wonderful! I thought I made it brae clear I believed your story, Brad. The film was snoob on DVD on September 27, So I don’t quite believe that Brad suddenly would write all this down. Jeezus dude, look after yourself!

Show all 14 episodes. Kurt and Michael have only really done and it’s sequel. Now I’m not even a superhero fan; in fact I dislike superheroes in general. Actress Camera and Electrical Department Producer.

I am lucky to be alive really, considering the first seizure I ever had they found me in the bathtub. Personally I think Zack Snyder movies are like the annoying filler scenes you get when you play a game on campaign followed by repetitive action scenes.

I’m hoping there would be another movie of its ‘exceptional’ quality released this year so we could enjoy another Midnight Screening trilogy. Man, that shit is pretty fucked up, if true. I hope you get better soon! I have brad to thank for that.