Jeremy alerts them to a newly-activated tower on the Replika. The diary then decodes fully. In the playground, another nasty surprise is awaiting the Japanese girl. They tell her to leave, but XANA’s earlier possession allows him to trap all three in the elevator and drop them to the bottom of the shaft. They try to interview Sissi, who was prom queen last year, but she turns them down and makes fun of them for their age. Only after most of the school is affected does Jeremie realize that XANA’s produced nanotechnology is responsible. Meanwhile, William’s parents visit their son, and the strange behavior of his clone concerns them greatly.

He concludes that love makes you stupid. Ms Hertz reveals how to make a volt meter out of your MP3 with just a few simple operations! They find Aelita in a sauna in the basement. If you had the choice, would you rather be a screwdriver, or a monkey wrench? When Jeremy finds out, he calls his friends away from their respective vacations. Once a return trip wipes everyone’s memories, Odd plays his video, which showcases all the humorous moments at Kadic, with Sissi in particular being treated in a positive light as thanks for her earlier assistance, much to her confusion and surprise. She is taken to the infirmary as a result.

Meanwhile, Yumi is stuck at school and, when informed of the attack, works to evacuate the school. Il est en mal d’aventure. This takes place several weeks before the events of “Teddygozilla”.

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After downloading the necessary data and disabling William, everything seems to be ftoides for destroying the Replika. After a malfunction and a little bug with the regular materialization program, Odd and Yumi are bugged up, ending up in each other’s bodies.

At the end of the episode, Aelita kisses Jeremie to see how he’ll react. When Odd breaks a mirror, a little bad luck follows and jinxes him everywhere, even on Lyoko. Through the restoration, Codf finally remembers her past up to the point that she went to Lyoko. One of Odd’s copies gets turned to stone, so the other two Odds must retrieve him before they become unstable and disappear. Soon after, William is materialized, and seems perfectly normal.


In order to buy himself time to do this, he activates a tower and uses it to create a clone of his own to attend class in his place. However the combat is quickly over, after dodging the Overboard Ulrich eisode at his head, William is easily defeated. Yumi seems the likely culprit. The new virtual, submersible “submarine” as Jeremie calls it is almost complete, the last step being a secondary program that needs to be run by 4 PM the next day.

Code Lyoko – Episode 92 – Sueurs froides – [Saison 4 – Episode 27]

When Milly tells her teddy bear that she wishes she were bigger and e;isode it in the garden shed, XANA possesses it and uses it to attack those who make fun of her. The second time around, Jeremie is a bit more appreciative of his cousin, since the two worked well together before.

Jeremie and Aelita escape but Ulrich and the other students except William, who is turned into one himself fight the rest. Yumi goes to inform them while the others stay behind to deal with XANA. She soon barges into Aelita’s room to interview her and is stopped by William. With its power rapidly draining, Jeremie needs to repair it before it becomes completely useless. Despite their best efforts, the group canot stop the possessed William from destroying the core, which both renders the supercomputer useless and transforms William into a darker, XANA-themed version of himself.

Once a return trip wipes everyone’s memories, Odd plays his video, which showcases all the humorous moments at Kadic, with Sissi in episide being treated in a positive light as thanks for her earlier assistance, much to her confusion and surprise.


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Jeremie is seen coming out of a scanner, with Odd and Ulrich coming out of the other two. Hopper has used it quite extensively, to the point of repeating a single day for more than seven years. Unfortunately, while Yumi is transferring him, she makes a scanner error, which leaves him trapped in a virtual limbo between Lyoko and the real world, so Aelita has to retrieve data to recover Jeremie without support in order to bring Jeremie back, but when she gets to the Mountain Sector, there are a couple of Bloks guarding the tower.

Jeremie rescues her, and the group goes to Lyoko to retrieve her fragment. The visions come sjeurs when she’s awake, causing her to lose consciousness while at the pool.

Jeremie tries to help Maya as much as he can with understanding what she is doing on Lyoko. After dropping her back on Lyoko, he returns to the Digital Sea. Jeremie also finds a way to free Aelita from the supercomputer. Yumi learns of the first Krab from Hiroki and goes to help while Odd distracts another Krab so they can get to the elevator. XANA is not happy about the tower, and sends Megatanks to shut it down forcibly.

Cela reste assez curieux! Aelita, however, has no home to go to. In the end, the tower is deactivated and, after a return trip, Nicolas and Jim are added to the Pop Rock Progressives.