The influence exerted by these credit rating agencies on the European political system and, consequently, on the life of ordinary citizens is unacceptable: Yo me he enamorado There is no documentation pertaining to the destruction of these weapons. He has received a one-year unconditional prison term for pouring cement in an area close to the Church of the Assumption with the intention of making steps on the path leading up to the monument of two Greek soldiers who fell during the war between Greece and Italy and whose bodies have been resting there since November However, no data on the amounts that have benefited homeless people directly are available at EU level. The gangs steal copper and try to sell their loot to copper merchants across the border.

All impact assessment reports are forwarded to the Parliament and Council along with the relevant Commission proposal. Un bocadillo de caballa o sardinas en conserva es un manjar de dioses, con una cervecita o un vinito blanco More generally, the Commission is currently assessing options available to reduce the environmental impacts of plastic waste and plastic bags. Que snob y estupido es este blog Da sich die Verzehrswarnung u. Other Member States, for example, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France, also report that copper theft presents an increasing problem for them. The Commission has not proposed to have sugar quota beyond that date and it also has not proposed a transition period for phasing out sugar quota. The EU remains committed to helping Libya and other countries in the region undertake a process of democratic transition.

Investigate the serid of this retrospective tax, given that it appears to discriminate arbitrarily against non-Greek flagged boats? Il SEAE collabora con i servizi della Commissione alla valutazione del carico di lavoro del personale della Commissione nelle delegazioni.

Entities have the possibility under IFRS to provide additional information of their financial position. The Memorandum and the cost of maintaining a Greek military presence in Kosovo, military contracts and spending on arms purchases. Repression against ahchoas Golos election watchdog.

In the opinion of many experts, adopting such a proposal could adversely affect the growth of the Central European economies. Saranno morti come cittadini italiani o francesi. In addition, is there the potential for a regional overspill of the problems in Libya to neighbouring countries? Beschikt de Commissie over informatie over bevindingen betreffende inbreuken op het Verdrag inzake chemische wapens door het Turkse leger?

Other Member States, for example, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France, also report that copper theft presents an increasing problem for them. To support job creation, labour demand can be stimulated through incentives, improvements to the employment protection legislation in line with the principles of flexicurity, and short-time working arrangements. The EU has been active funding international NGOs working on the removal of unexploded ordnances, arms and ammunition scattered in former areas of fighting.

La estrategia de datos abiertos persigue abordar este tema. Illegal organ trafficking in the Sinai Desert. Anche il contrabbando di armi rappresenta un motivo di seria preoccupazione e in novembre alcuni funzionari ONU hanno incontrato il governo tunisino per discutere dell’impatto che la circolazione delle armi esercita sullo status sociale ed economico della regione e, in particolare, sul settore turistico.


Landings of fish caught in European seas. Alcune delegazioni dispongono inoltre di esperti nazionali distaccati inviati dagli Stati membri e di tirocinanti. Such proposal would include articles covered by the Toys Directive. Under IAS 39 certain types of financial instruments incl.

Riconoscere queste decisioni da parte degli altri Stati europei equivale a riconoscere sentenze prese in un Paese che non rispetta gli stessi principi che vengono rispettati nel resto d’Europa. Therefore, we are not in a position to give information on the volumes and the destination markets for the gas that could be transported by South Stream.

The Council, in its EU Work Plan for Sport forstresses the positive effects of sport on social inclusion, education and training.

Diez conservas de pescado que me llevaría al refugio antizombis

Whether it is ready to assume responsibility should it persist in failing to make a definitive decision or even in dismissing this appeal, at a time when the Member State in question, Italy, is faced with the need to recoup significant financial resources in order to consolidate its budgets? It is important to remember the existence of prestigious institutions that analyse the expected impact of economic measures on national, regional and household budgets, such as the United States Congressional Budget Office.

The existing information, including the results of the Danish EPA study, will be evaluated before the proposal is finalised. The rising incidence of copper theft in the railway sector. The Commission is fully aware of the challenges that Kosovo faces in building a modern state based on the rule of law and fundamental rights.

Because the warning to consumers related to lettuce, among other produce, there were declines in the sale of all leaf salad produce, irrespective of whether or not they belonged to the same botanical family as lettuces. In addition, in some regions where the environmental performances currently varies a lot from one farmer to another this could result in no environmental improvement on the farms needing it the most.

Toegang tot dit scorebord is mogelijk via de volgende web-link:. Regeneration of the pig population in Romania. According to these sources, the standstill in the negotiations is the result of conflicting interests among representatives of the private sector banks, insurers and hedge funds. Er wordt permanent toezicht en controle uitgeoefend op de naleving van de procedures en hun doeltreffendheid. When applying substantive family law, it is for Member States alone to ensure that their obligations regarding fundamental rights — as resulting from international agreements and from their internal legislation — are respected.

Die Kommission ist offensichtlich dabei, ihre Antwort hierauf zu formulieren. Currently, the exchange rate regimes of countries outside the euro area have a strong geographical and institutional underpinning. Y nadie ha probado el higado de bacalao que tiene Mercadona no recuerdo la marca.


The French Government has proposed that the draft international agreement establishing a fiscal union include provisions enabling the transfer of funds from the cohesion policy to programmes for combating unemployment in the eurozone.

It is therefore outrageous that, at a time when most countries have withdrawn their forces from Kosovo, the Greek armed forces coxesa remaining there in their hundreds, despite the fact that their presence there is not helping to defend the country, their salaries and maintenance costs and all other expenses being met by Greece. Unfortunately, the Greek Government does not possess the necessary funds, while private capital in the hands of Greek entrepreneurs and shipowners is located abroad because of the uncertain economic climate in Greece and the continuing danger of the country going bankrupt.

What is the situation in with regard to the reuse xerie public sector information in Europe? The open data strategy aims to address this issue. Venga animo, que seguro que de conservas sois tambien unos expertos, como del resto de cosas del mundo, por otra parte.

The Strait of Hormuz and Suez play an extremely important role in international trade in oil and other commodities, and all European countries are in a perennial state of insecurity owing to the fact that instability in the region could at any moment disrupt trade, sending prices through the roof. Codsea has the network achieved so far?

Standard sizes for cabin baggage on aircraft. Environmental impact of Italian carrier bag rules. There are also some to other disparate military groups, which operate within neighbourhoods and small villages, and may be distinguished on the basis of their tribal or ethnic identities.

The Strait of Hormuz represents a major shipping route for crude oil and petroleum products for all Gulf countries including Iran. Ze stelen koper en proberen de buit over de grens te verkopen aan koperhandelaars. This will contribute to ensuring the safety and security of the entire stockpile of CWs. Since then, as the Sserie Member points out, the supply demand balance for gas and oil has indeed further decoupled, which has reduced the weight of oil price links in gas contracts.


The proposed monitoring function which the Honourable Member refers to, will take the form of a quality check of the noise assessment process. Pero no pasa nada, mejor para nosotros En su web www. This allows for a transition period which may facilitate adjustment to the measure. The Commission will present new initiatives and measures in this field in the Employment Package later in spring