It all came over her like a flood. Two thousand years of division. I’m really upset I didn’t like this book, it had such promise! It is a gripping tale, and an interesting fictional twist to Christianity. Jul 10, Sara rated it did not like it Shelves: We haven’t even gotten to the plot yet! Apr 16, Tommy Buteau rated it liked it. This book was great.

One moment of truth. Three members of the Firstborn plus one new member must stop the terrorists and at the same time keep the Firstborn from disintegrating and destroying themselves. And, interestingly enough, both these things are intricately connected. Don’t let the creepy cover fool you. There is a lot of brief breaks. The Firstborn starts out with a rescue mission. Yes or No Report This Review. You may have come across this idea before but I haven’t so bear with me.

So when one of the Firstborn were caught, they would often point them to another Firstborn and they would always show them the location of a person from another division. The Ora, Prima and Domani are the three religious orders of the firstborn.

Our main characters include a brand new Prima named Hannah a young innocent who just realized she had powers of hindsight and was suddenly thrust into the world of the Firstborn and its politicsa lonely middle-class Domani named Devon, and a free-spirited and godly young missionary man and Ora named Johnny who has a bad reputation after being caught in a relationship with a Domani girl.

I am giving this 4 stars. I’ve read the passage of Christ’s death and the dead that rose I’ve never really thought about much but giving them gufts to see the past, present and future was inventive and creative. In short, he adds humanity to the cast of characters he has brought to life in “The Firstborn. Did you find this review helpful?

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Aug 07, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I felt nothing for them and their situations. Rirstborn might be picking up the second book. Expected to ship in 5 to 6 weeks from Australia. Sep 09, Brett rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Because I enjoy an intelligent book with symbolism and truth interspersed throughout the plot. Dec 08, Brigette rated it it was ok.


The only thing I didn’t like was the layout of the novel.

The writing was a bit confusing at times because of all the constant jumping around between POVs, and the characters felt pretty flat to segies for the most part. The book moves quickly from one character to the next which helps to increase the tension of the story.

It’s probably written to read like a movie, switching from scene to scene, but I find it a little distracting for a couple of chapters. Buy from our partners.

The Firstborn

I don’t agree with the premise of the book, that God has appointed people with gifts of foresight, the truth in now, the ability to see the past. Open Preview See a Problem? Conlan Brown By the end of his sixteenth year Conlan Brown had completed his first novel, his first stage play, and his first year of college. The story is fast-paced, action-packed, and gripping. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. By the end of his sixteenth year Conlan Brown had completed his first novel, his first stage play, and his first year of college.

Sep 19, Sam Batterman rated it it was amazing. But outside of that, Actual rating: Refresh and try again. But then there was one more thing. An islamic priest is shot by his zeries in a parking lot, a vision seen by xeries Prima. An American elementary school blowing up, killing hundreds, as an act of Islamic terrorism, seen by many Domani.

The Ora can see visions of things in the now, and they are seen as reckless and impulsive by the other factions. May 30, Christy Lockstein rated it really liked it. They are seen as useless and less impactful by the other factions. The Firstborn, those gifted with foresight, hindsight, and insight at the time of Christ’s death, find themselves targeted. I really grew to love John Temple’s character and the whole story was ultimately fascinating.


Arms behind her back, she sat in a chair, wrists and ankles tied to the wooden frame, chair legs bolted to the floor. It has a great balance of Christian themes and action series that something like John Sanford would write. But then there was one more thing. Some see the futu I have not read many Christian thrillers so was delighted to have a new idea presented.

The First Born (First Born Series)

The Firstborn–three ancient religious orders gifted with the ability to see past, present, and future–have been divided since the death of Christ. Not an image, but a feeling-that half a continent away someone else had felt it all happening too.

Two thousand years of division. I had more invested in the duck pond I passed this morning. He saves her in the process but later on finds out that she’s part of the Prima and her grandfather the head of that division. The Firs The Firstborn starts out with a rescue mission. What choices might seris make? A mix of terrorism and religion; fast paced; eeries read. I had a hard time at first getting into this debut novel.

But the brain learns.

The writing was great, the story fascinating But today, in an era of terrorism serries globalization, it has become clear there is an atrocity coming that they must unite to prevent because it is one of them who will perpetrate it.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I wasn’t even an observer. This novel really makes you think.