Badar Khalil plays this character very well. What about Angan Tehra, Karawan and Jangloos? Best days of my Life. Top 10 lists are usually debatable, however its difficult to understand how masterpieces like ‘Aangan Tera’, ‘Andhera Ujala’ and ‘Jaangloos’ failed to make the cut and yet relatively lightweight stuff like ABC and Ankhaee did. Its a serial based on life after marriage. What wonderful dramas PTV used to make. After some time Zoya begins to take interest in her profession and Dr Ahmer and she become friends which in turn helps him to loosen up. I just would like to add “Dhuwan” in this list too!!!

You have been loggedin via facebook. Dhoop Chhaon Photos Add Photo. Views Read Edit View history. Mar 16, All listed dramas are worth review much more than any drama of today but, “Alpha Bravo Charlie” is the Titanic of all dramas ever played on Pakistani TV’s. She wants to get close to Dr.

Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. Badar Khalil plays this character very well. The premise of Dhooop kinaare is fairly common and simple. Such a shame that no such programmes are made in Pakistan anymore. Five Best Serials of the Year 52 Tips. Dr S I H Zaidi. Qazi Wajid cyhaon the role of Zoya’s “Baba” who is very close with her and raised her like a friend.

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She retains her carefree antics in the seriousness of the hospital life and comes in critique of Ahmer. In later episodes, she gets engaged to Dr. Ahmer and work as the administrator of the children ward. We’ll contact you shortly. It changed the way production-design was handled in Pakistani dramas. I think Kalyan of Farooq Qaiser should also be included in the list and people still remmber haiga and uncle sargam. Although it had only 13 episodes, drama-watchers remember the streets being deserted at the time it would air.


Much ahead than others on many accounts. However his feelings for Zoya are genuine and he soon finds himself at his Baba’s house only to find Zoya waiting for him. Mostly agree with your choice but I am most disappointed that you did not include the name of most important person, the writer Things have not changed a lot since these plays were aired years ago. There were hundreds of masterpieces, that was such a great age, missing each n every moment of that I totally agreed that Aik Mohabbat Sau Afsanay should be in this list.

A story of two friends who are complete opposites — Allan, the shrewd and immoral businessman and Nannha, the innocent and idealistic village man — had everyone hooked. Kabhi ham bhi khoobsoorat thay. About US Submit a review. Much better than the nonsense we get to see now in general! Is there any way to bring back those good old times?

Naye Silsilay was aired in Fawad offers to quit portfolio as PTV crisis deepens. Rahein, Dhuwan, chaand girhan and few others will make in final top 20 list.

After some time Zoya begins to take interest in her profession and Dr Ahmer and she become friends which in turn helps him to loosen up. Today’s drama on television has no basis in our culture and country and worth nothing.

Although not a drama but a drama in real life, “Kaliyan”, a children’s program that gave us innumerable artists of top most level.


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Dhuwan and Sunehray Din are missing but Parchaiyan was an adaption of the book Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. Family and other social and moral values shown in these dramas were actually part of our society which are extinct now.

He tries to instil professionalism in her and is often seen criticising and educating her which she finds frustrating. Hameed Wyne plays a very strict father of Anji. He appears in dream sequences from Dr. Baba gifts the house to his granddaughter, whom he never met.

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All above mentioned dramas are masterpiece Ankahi, Dhoop Kinare can’t forget. Its star cast is very good. Same could be said of bollywood movies of the past.

I voted for Waris as No 1 as I remember the city of Lahore had a deserted look when this particular drama was telecasted. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience.

These dramas were amazing. It angers him to see his father’s house in disrepair.

I was told that PTV does not even have print of the original version and it had to be re-shot with different cast to re-telecast. Evolution of Indian Television Serials 11 Tips. Sometime I wish I could go back in time.