Home Site map Contact us. The Lady of the Palace Sayidat el qasr The Hour Zero Sa’at el sifr Sensing this eagerness his father assigned him tasks in the processing laboratory and the young apprentice was always willing to comply. This would be a cinema where the visual impact would act as a unifying force bringing viewers to the screen whatever their national background or their language, for his was the language that knew no frontiers, like the city where he grew up whose scalloped seashore and universal language of co-existence may well have painted the landscape of his vision. A Second Look Back. The Yemeni Revolution Thawret el Yaman.

Although primitive, this Alexandrian school of cinema with its masters, its teachers, its disciples and its pupils counted among its graduates a keen Alexandrian who was soon on his way to his postgraduate and professional days in the city that was later to become the capital of Egyptian and Arab cinema. I Will Never Return Abadan lan a’oud More than one critic saw Rushdi Abaza as the successor of Anwar Wagdi. Alexandria Again and Forever. The young enthusiast would carry the heavy equipment and do his outdoor work, rushing back to the studio at the end of a hard day to work in the lab. The Telegram el Telegraf A kind and affable man of few words, he helped many young photographers along with his two younger brothers Mohsen and Mahmoud, Mohamed Taher and fellow Alexandrian Abdel Moneim Bahnassi upon his arrival to Cairo fresh from Alexandria.

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Tamr Henna Tamr henna Art was not allowed in such an aristocratic family. To borrow a abyar often used in the trade: He had grown fond of the smell of chemicals and the special atmosphere of the dark room and the red light bulb so typical of the time. It was a very primitive contraption that could not go deep below the surface of the water, but it vilm solve a problem and was his invention, after all, and a contribution.


Master Hassan el Ousta Hasan Laila from the Countryside Layla bint el rif But Kamal Ramzi took it a step further.

Ramzi made the same comment and added: Home Site map Contact us. He did not fare any better in the cinema on his return to Egypt, so he turned to other things, such as working in the Suez Canal and buying a restaurant. Nasr was convinced that it was in its photography that the forte of the Egyptian film lay, and that the credit that invariably went to directors was over-rated by the critics, and madt unfair to the cinematography.

Nasr was quick to learn and Orfanelli no sooner found that out than Nasr became an important aid in a of his young age.

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With not a penny and many a regret for the job he lost, Nasr went for a long walk along the sea-front, his pockets empty save for a precious piece of paper signed by Alvise who had accorded him this certificate of merit stating that he had trained and worked at his studios. Over the years, Abdel Halim Nasr fine-tuned his work and gradually moved away from the classical school of photography of the older generation of Alexandrians. The Lady of the Palace Sayidat el qasr A turning point in the life of the handsome gentleman was to occur in when Abaza attracted the attention of the director Kamal Barakat while he was playing billiards in the Riviera Casino in Emad el Din Street.

List of all Articles. He had an eye for new stars and was the first to introduce Yousra and, earlier, Mariam Fakhr el Din to the screen.

Later with the advent of American movies, Nasr was put in charge of fixing plates bearing French translations for those films. He also wished the team spirit that once inspired a generation would find its way again to the business without petty considerations and selfish motives that would jeopardize any hope of progress. The Man of the Night Sab’ el layl The Famous Case el Qadiyyah el machhourah I Want a Solution Ouridou hallan The Telegram el Telegraf The film changed the typical image of a gangster presented in Egyptian cinema, for Abaza played the role of the updated criminal: Map of Cinemas in Alexandria.


The Thousand and One Nights Alf layla we layla It fostered talents which were to provide Egyptian cinema with a long list of folm artists and technicians. He taught at The Cinema Institute of Cairo for two years, but a heavy workload and filming schedule made it too stressful for him to pursue a teaching career as well. If directors of photography are often overlooked and their work overshadowed by a long list of credits topped by director and acting stars, Abdel Halim Nasr belongs to a generation when the man behind the camera was the hand that rocked the cradle.

He graduated from St. His dream was to see the Egyptian film make it internationally and blamed its failure to do so, among other things, on the prevalent language of cinema. He had, after all, abyzd been averse to learning at the hands of the Italian or working for the Jew, even recognizing his deep indebtedness to the latter especially, without ever any shadow of reservation maw his career.

Rushdi Abaza, AlexCinema

The Monster el Wahish Nasr produced a number of films, directing only one inA Castle in the Air. To make matters worse for the young amateur, after the shooting of the film was over, his father and the entire Abaza family strongly objected to his acting any further.

Alexandria Again and Forever.

Sensing this eagerness his father assigned him tasks in the processing laboratory and the young apprentice was always willing to comply.