May 28, 3: This confirms what I said earlier knowing who we are and recognizing our identity is the first step the democraty and the supreme laws will come in the second step just because it is made by the people themeselves. I totally agree with you…Shlada! Subscribe to Talk Morocco by E-mail. I am not going to chat with you. Hakada Once again we cannot go further with a freedom or demovracy if we as the people define clearly our identity, who we are. December 21, 3:

November 22, May 29, 5: April 26, 2: And who else has the power to push for a constitutional reform to give Darija and Amazigh legal recognition? Common people use Moroccan Darija and Tamazight in all kind of varieties. The constitution defines the country as Arab and Muslim.

I am proud of you. Fil Once again we cannot go further with a freedom or tanrit if we as the people define clearly our identity, who we are. I guess I expected something different in a country of Muslims. Good luck to you. Then it will only take a ramp and exit to east or south side of momst U. All the politics of successive governments since were focused on the arabization of the country and its people even if they are not Arabs.

April 21, 8: But not only berbers. We can take into consideration language, anyone tanitt us is free to speak whatever he or she likes and how many people were speaking Tamazight and they become speaking Arabic and vice versa.

Film Tachlhit Bolmsayl V3 – Film Amazigh – video dailymotion

When it comes to Morocco we try to paint the picture in black. Accordingly, there are some determinants and aspects which are considered to be primary and fixed while the others are secondary and variable. December 19, 4: In this salad there are a lot of mixes as people which ancestors integrated or married in another community thanks to religion, work, emmigrations or trading and of course there are still enough people who conserved their idenitity pure.


The media plays only a small role in shaping the Moroccan Identity. So, the invasion and the coming of Arabs to tamazgha destroy everything. History, culture customs, vues behavior etc. Publicity Add a Talk Morocco banner to your website or blog! At the other side if a policeman comes the strong become weak the boss become a dog…. Complete and utter gibberish!

Film Tachlhit Bolmsayl V3 – Film Amazigh

Embracing this variety is the only way forward. May 19, 7: More importantly, the proof that indicates the truth of Amazigh Identity is those names that imazighen gave to things, places and even for time.

All I know, is that Moroccans are a bunch of serfs who allow a family to reign supreme. August 8, 6: I am muslim too, I have all the respect for Arabs, but I am not one of them. I am half Arab father and half amazigh mother.

To Khaled, yes identity can also be a little tiny individual thing. Impressive work at first, but then again can be the mirror of my description and opinion on the Amaerican society and identity as well. Your weak attempt of pathetic historical revisionism is truly pitiful.

That is part of what Redact is denouncing, and rightly so. Here an interview on youtube with Houcine Jouhadi, the Moroccan translator of the Coran into Tamazight. We are talking about identity. May 1, 5: But iflm change a society to the better we must have much more in common.


Tamazight official in Morocco!! I advise you to liberate yourself from all those complexes en prejudices to read free and a lot without losing your identity and proud just like a real Imazigh not the defenders of imazighen nowadays but a proud tsnirt like Tarik Ibn ziyad generation.

Firstly, there is a growing Humanist movement in Morocco that is making itself slowly but surely more assertive. They have strived for generations for Berber independence and will do that again. Recognition of Tamazight is imperative for freedom for Imazighen in their own country. Common people use Moroccan Darija and Tamazight in all kind of varieties.

If you live tanirrt Tamazgha or North Africa you are obliged to say that I am amazigh because you live on the land of imazighenno matter what language you speakor what religion you convert, or the way you dress or eat ; all these things have nothing to do with identity but have to do with culture.

Dear Simo, If you believe there are no Imazighen anymore in Morocco I would think you are an ignorant or a fascist with some kind of genocidal agenda. December 30, 6: