The Mizuhara siblings are the first to be chosen for the R. At her room, Erika’s heart is pounding. The grandfather, knowing this, asks Shizuka to marry Ryo, as a sign of realization of his lost love, which seems to be his only wish left in his lifetime. The next day, back in school, Iori reveals, while playing a “serious” board game, that he is indeed a vampire just as Kohei suspected with Erika confessing the same thing. The Steamy Hell of Love and Death! At the entrance ceremony both Iori and Erika are seemingly well liked by the student body, and as part of Erika’s speech Kohei is singled out as the man who went into the girl’s bath.

Because Haruna saw her in Vampire mode, Iori suggested she should erase her memory like before. Everyone has vacation as they arrive at cabin they were all surprised because it was huge and everyone will be sleeping together. Second Season Shikabane Hime: When a blizzard starts getting worse, the group is forced to spend the day outliving the storm. There are five main plot lines that the player will have the chance to experience, one for each of the heroines in the story. In one episode when Akane falls ill to a cold, she reveals her deep reliance on Ryo via dreams bearing past memories and by brooding about the future where she believes Ryo might leave his sister for his new, demanding life. A sisterhood between the two girls soon formed, in which Akane can perceive Shizuka’s emotions and struggles. Back to Kuze, Seichiro meets her and wants her to meet someone.

Akane becomes ill and reflects on the life she’s spent with her brother.

Erika’s birthday is today. A female classmate and a friend of Ryo.

Love and Adoration for the Transfer Student! The primary decision which is implied to be without the Japanese citizens’ representation and approval was to arrange a national project in which young citizens of opposite sexes are to be paired together in marriage, and therefore in parenthood. Fortune Arterial’ s story revolves around the male protagonist Kohei Hasekura, who transfers into a prestigious public school in the style of a Western six-year school encompassing junior-high and high school students.


The vision of his future is soon to be shattered by the R. Shizuka dismisses it as an act, meant to change Emiho’s mind on arranged marriages because Emiho herself has an arranged marriage.

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ErogeVisual novel. Beyond the Love and Gunfire! Retrieved from ” https: While not involving herself, she however is able to persuade Ryo into reexamining his arranged marriage, and ultimately his feelings for Shizuka. Meanwhile Ryo goes through his school day overreacting about Akane’s sickness.

Views Read Edit View history. Kuze us shown to be lying on the grass on the cliff. One such method is dating one of his friends, Emiho.

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Ryo, the main protagonist, has assured gf himself that all is well; he and his sister are living on well-paid wages, and he only needs his sister. Erika awakens in her room but does not remember what had happened. Erika has a dream where she sucks Kohei’s blood. There are rumors of a vampire at frtune, but both Iori and Erika deny it being them.

It is revealed she is Kuze who is a servant which serves vampires. Retrieved April 30, A episode anime television series adaptation titled Fortune Arterial: Retrieved March 9, May 17, [7].

Ryo, who has already showed his dislike towards arranged marriage, decides to enlist Shizuka to help bail Emiho out.

Fortune Arterial containing information on the development of the game and information on the game itself. At the “School Image Month” event, Haruna argues with her sister about her forgune loss because of a car accident. Both Kohei and Erika try to look for that vampire at night when they meet up with Iori and Seichiro. Dagashi Kashi Please Tell Me! The gameplay requires little interaction from the player as a majority of the game is spent simply reading text that appears on the screen.

She is in the 10th grade, arteial used “political arterail to transfer herself to Ryo’s 11th grade class. Everything is going well and everyone is exited. June 18, [10].


March 18, [12]. Kohei ends up with a lot of work in order to make the Athletic Meet a success. A maxi single containing the opening theme and insert song was released on January 25, Later, Iori tricks Kohei into entering the girl’s bath with Erika already bathing.

Everyone has vacation as they arrive at cabin they were all surprised because it was huge and everyone will be sleeping artterial.

Haruna seems to have wished for something when she was a little girl. Later at night, Erika goes to meet her mother and discusses about having servant but Erika keeps refusing not to have servant.

Fortune Arterial Fortune Arterial original visual novel cover. The first light novel volume was published on January 18, by Shogakukan under their Gagaga Bunko imprint.

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This, in theory of the story and in today’s world, would produce an astonishing net increase in childbirth, if young couples were to begin having children 33 an early relationship. The episode starts with Kohei Hasekura transferring into Shuchikan Academy located on Tamatsu Island due to family reasons.

Kadokawa Shoten had planned on releasing a port for the PlayStation 3 and a spin-off game for the PlayStation Portable[1] but they later yakuso,u both games. When a blizzard starts getting worse, the group is forced to spend the day outliving the storm. February 18, [9]. Iori tells Kohei that after a vampire draws blood directly from human they will keep desiring blood more and more.

Kuze comes to her room and reveal that Kohei’s blood is special and once she drank it, she srterial unable to stop.

Iori claims he has no intention to suck Kohei’s blood and offers Kohei a chance to join Student Council but if Kohei refuses to join Iori will be forced to erase Kohei’s memory.