Larsa Member Apr 1, The game, entitled GameCenter CX: The only segment which appears in every episode is Arino’s Challenge. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Alex Kidd in Miracle World Cleared single-player with Dhalsim Vs.

Nov 4, 6, 0 0. Best Keiba Derby Stallion EX- Genki TV Interview Btw guys, what do you think the protocol is on directly linking to torrents from the SA thread, have they said that’s okay before? On May 17, Discotek Media set September 18, , as the release date. Sep 23, 0 0 lars-martin. Jan 19, 5, 0 0 France twitter. Nov 10, 23, 0 0 35 www.

Views Read Edit View history. LegatoB Member Apr 1, Failed Did not defeat the staff in VS mode.

Diddy’s Kong Quest These members of staff start as interns, and often they are promoted to various paid positions surrounding the show’s production. Marcel Member Apr 1, In the last episode of season 7, Bandai Namco Entertainment guode Ishikawa made Arino an honorary employee and presented him with a company card.

The part in Umihara Kawase with Spoiler the original artist sending him a ‘ganbatte! The New Adventures In front of him is a small TV and the gccd game with accompanying console. They will offer help of a varying degree, enough to dislodge Arino from his despair, but not so much as to raise questions about whether he beat the game on his own. Oct 24, 8, 0 0 England. Shinya Arino challenges several games from previous eras, presented by his producers in order to get each ending. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Mansion of Hidden Souls I did it for Quest of Ki.

Jan 19, 5, 0 0 France twitter. This season featured a game series or game company as its main focus with Arino’s challenge game as a secondary feature. In the segment Arino is challenged with beating or performing a certain task in a classic video game. Member Apr 1, The CX company even promotes Arino depending on how well he does during the season.

Game Center CX News+Updates Thread: Hail To The Kacho!

The Final Fight This I did not know about. A Link to the Past Yoshi, i’m super pumped to see the Season 17 opener, as we know it will be a Spoiler Disney Game. Street Fighter II The staff chant the advice, with Arino providing some humorous final thoughts.

The return of the original Ring-Ring Tactics segment this time with a different game. There are indications that a planned power outage on July 6 was the cause.

Danny’s GameCenter CX Episode Guide for – Danny Lujan

Once he has found such a scene he takes a picture of it using his phone. Arino and news announcer Ms.


Despite the fact they cut those out for the overseas version, we need a new US box set. He also is featured in segments interspersed throughout the episodes where he goes to local arcade centers, as well as segments where he does a variety of things, such as interviews with game designers, showcasing classic console hardware or games, or a made-up game show where the staff participate.

Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki Arino and two former GCCX staffers, Tojima and Nakayama, convene in a traditional home with a table of games blanketed in front of them. I started watching the show recently couple of weeks and i’ve been totally hooked. Top Secret Episode Gunstarheroes Member Apr 1, Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa Articles containing Japanese-language text.

The Ancient Ship gccz Doom