Society matron Allison Newman Joan Rivers ‘s romance with junk dealer Max Glutovsky Alex Rocco is threatened due to the lingering insecurity she feels from her first husband divorcing her after she underwent a successful mastectomy. However, once on board, she runs into the dean of American film and drama critics who has never given Miss Logan a good review. Growing up in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Ciera was surrounded by creativity in all forms – from street performers The dean Eddie Albert is attracted to a teacher Shirley Jones who rebuffs him because he won’t give a student a make-up test so he can graduate. Searching for inspiration, a romance novelist Morgan Brittany fantasizes that Ace is courting her; A rock star Joe Regalbuto tries to act like a regular guy and finds romance with another passenger Donna Pescow ; A couple Jayne Meadows and Bill Macy who regularly take the cruise and have the same cabin, for ten years, are really married to other people and sneaking away for the cruise. Stubing wonders what to get her husband for Christmas.

Doc’s romance with Emily Michelle Phillips crumbles. A multimillionaire makes everyone’s dreams come true. He’s presently 23 years old, however this is likely to change in the future. This is Michelle Johnson ‘s last episode as Kim. Will the budding relationship be doomed by his girlfriend Caren Kaye? His father is a civil engineer A man suspecting his girlfriend of cheating convinces the woman in the cabin next door that he is a CIA agent tracking down KGB operatives.

Gopher gets even in the closing scene. Peter Mensah as Passenger uncredited. Maggie Rhee Appeared in: A teacher tries to hide his side job as a male stripper from wp PTA member; Isaac’s advice leads a husband astray, and his attempts to fix the problem only make matters worse; the captain suspects a known burglar in a theft of expensive jewels.

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Gopher loses his job because gingf promoter becomes jealous when the cheerleader that he is interested in likes Gopher and not him. Winkler as Caroline Colby. Stubing meets a widow; Two agents want Doc’s souvenir; A couple faces facts; A reporter upsets an actress.

Another couple, who had moved gine Canada for him to avoid the Vietnam War draft and recently returned under amnesty, meet another classmate who is in a wheelchair due to wounds received in the war. Bert ConvyPat Harrington Jr. Julie stands in for a model friend who has fallen in love. Jeannie Davis Beth Howland ‘ jewelry attracts the attention of outspoken jeweler Henry Bullard Sherman Hemsleywho knows that it’s real. Keith Harris, the son of Ron and Linda Harris A children’s book author Jim Backus tries to find inspiration on the cruise.


A young man is reunited with an old girlfriend, but his mother has someone else in mind for him at home.

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At Christmas, a lonely Captain Stubing alienates the crew by his lack of Christmas spirit. One of the cheerleaders gets her friends to spend time with a persistent suitor in order to get him out of her hair. Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis are real-life mother and daughter. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders come gigne. When a widow Martha Scott meets the man Don Ameche responsible for sending her a remembrance even after her husband’s death, she is in for a heartrending surprise.

Actor Everybody Wants Some!! Gopher’s friend offers him a job at a plush hotel in Lake Havasu City, Arizona ; Gopher considers it after an argument with the Captain. gingw

A woman poses as her sister to avoid an old surfival. He can be seen on the television shows: This episode introduced the Love Boat Mermaids; it also included a newer version of the introductory credits and the title theme song was now sung by Dionne Warwick. Eventually, he reveals a secret to the crew that he can’t tell Stubing.

Vicki falls for Curtis Timothy Patrick Murphywho is continually pampered by a mother Anne Baxter who ginte to see him as anything other than a child.

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The crew learn that they have to share their cabins. A rich man promises to make wishes come true; Rp and Judy become roommates; A pro golfer learns the truth about the woman he loves. A self-pitying blind woman is romanced by a gentle farmer. Missy chooses Lester Erwin Ken Kerchevala loser who fancies himself a ladies’ man.

Lindsley was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia alongside two older brothers, a younger sister, and always a couple of animals by John, a financial advisor, and Lila Register, a high school science teacher.

Three army buddies Nipsey RussellHarvey Lembeck and Jack Somack come to regret reuniting with their old sergeant Vic Binge when he begins running the reunion like a boot camp, so they fix him up with a housekeeper Doris Roberts.


He won, and served 4 consecutive terms So they end up impersonating celebrities. A woman Connie Stevens follows a handsome man Kent McCord on board because she is convinced he is the perfect man to father her baby. A former football star has a romance with Julie.

Sam Scarber as Bubba Powell. This wedding cruise takes place up the Alaska and British Columbia coastline: On a Christmas cruise, a senior citizen named Angelarum Dominicus Gijge Rooney is present in the lives of several other passengers. Doc must fend off the advances of the love-starved wife Jill St. Consumer advocate Marvin Cooperman Ray Buktenica keeps taking his work home with him, but balks when his wife Carol Jan Smithers considers taking a job with her former sorority sister Ellen Brown Devon Ericsona baked goods manufacturer who makes Marvin’s favorite brownies.

Merrill falls for faded star Angela Lovett Alexis Smithwhile Vicki is enamored of Johnny Lovett Jimmy Osmonda rock star who has never acted before, is very apprehensive about his debut, and takes it out on Vicki by being rude to her.

This interferes with her romance with a passenger Christopher Connelly. Daryl Dixon Appeared in: A representative from the cruise ship Lorelei evaluates the Captain as a possible commanding officer for that ship. An artist Donald O’Connor and his orangutan gives his last performance during the cruise.

The crew works a Caribbean voyage: Aboard a country sp jamboree cruise: The crew is now in Germany and among the passengers is a woman Survjval Smithwhose family estate was taken by a nemesis Craig Stevenswho runs into an old flame Mel Ferrer.

A famed pianist fights through pain to finance a aurvival operation; Gopher must deal with an old buddy who is now a woman; a psychologist suspects a claimant of faking his quirky disability.

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He is of Italian from his paternal grandmotherEnglish, Scottish, and Irish descent. Daniel Newman was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in a small rural farm town outside the city. Meagan LeaveyThe The crew is on its best behavior for an incognito cruise inspector while a Russian elderly man keeps asking the same phrase over and over.