Problem is in mismatches, the winning server attracts tons of PvEers while the losing server s lose all their PvE players for the week. Swiss tournament style isn’t supposed to be for 1v1v1 tournament style, but for 1v Certain siege weapons can be acquired through objective upgrades. In World versus World, players can besiege objectives such as Keeps and Towers with siege weapons , and battle over resources , as well as complete other PvE-type content to win World Experience for themselves. I suspect, though, that that number does mean a great deal in the overall rankings, and ought to have much greater weight in match-making. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Each World versus World map includes three permanent waypoints, one for each team, to allow basic access to the map regardless of which team is dominating.

Comment by AnetChrisB – I am indeed new, well, I had played a little before when Deso was always 1 but only very little. Deso is currently dead because it always won. Use this subreddit as LFG. Everyone who plays WvW on a regular basis knows that population and coverage will win the day in WvW, but this week’s matchups just throws it in the face of every loyal, dedicated WvW player that happens to be on the other end if a better ranked server. What I mean is the fact that the total population of a server is in no way related to the number of players willing to regularly play WvW.

All assets, page layout, visual style belong to ArenaNet and are used solely to replicate the original design and preserve the original look and feel. Besides, Deso’s never been great at PPT anyway. Thankfully it is not, and thus we have the power to change it.

So we tend to play exactly the same regardless of blowout or not. InAnet decided to move towards a 1-up, 1-down system, where the server that obtained first place would go up a tier, and the server that obtained sason place would go down a tier.

Server vs Server vs server wbw simply a failed design, it is impossible to get any semblance of balance, especially when it is so easy to transfer, they would of been better off going with three factions or better yet do it like one of maatchups few competently designed MMOs – EVE Online and go with guilds and alliances.

Sad, I had high hopes for this initiative. And we have smaller guilds galore as well.

Seaason will Ruins of Surmia fare against Gandara? During primetime they do not offer fights or resistance, and the majority of piken players are bored playing on dead maps.


The idea that I thought of, to help lower tiers and coverage in this Swiss style crap, is to do what they do in EotM.

Big Changes Coming to WvW Matchups |

It’s always been a big population server, which kept us up with wwars likes of Viz and SFR despite matchkps being as well organised. Real ratings are still only changed by winning or losing. You don’t have wvq chance against winteamjoiner and multitime servers and you can’t do mutch about it. The Lord is at the center of the objective, in the case of Towers and Keeps, inside the walls.

Capturing and holding three ruins grants the effect Borderlands Bloodlust. Killing an enemy matchus in WvW will result in gaining world experience and loot. Use this wwrs as LFG. The interface used in Borderlands and Eternal Battlegrounds at the top of your screen. This article is about the game mechanic.

Scouting an objective may vary from Keeps, Towers, Camps, or even enemy zergs. As a player who had to play against sfr-monsterblobbs in 5 of the last 6 matchups, it’s such a pleasure to finally get some other servers to play against. The matchups for most WvW servers in EU are decided at reset and what you do during the week is entirely irrelevant.

They know how many people play WvW on a given world. At the end of the tournament, players in each world receive rewards for their world’s ranking based on points earned. Also I died trying to take a camp, I tried.

I felt sorry for them since SFR don’t have the numbers gyild Elona do have numbers but seem totally unaware of how to fight and get rolled over. Supplies do not show up in your inventory, but you can see the number of supplies you carry at the top of your screen in WvW. Attached a screen shot of tonight. There are four different types of objectives: The limit number is split equally among all three worlds.

For instance, the high player limit means that a mmatchups player can get involved without immediately feeling pressured to contribute. Their garri is open to either. In addition, a fair number of WvWers on our server belong to multiple WvW guilds.

Pretty impressed by the weekend warriors over there! Wwars suspect, though, that that number does mean a great deal in the overall rankings, and ought to have much greater weight in match-making.


The revision to dailies was announced as an attempt to entice players to branch out to other content, including WvW. Then we ended up winning more often once their organisation fell apart. Submit a new link.

In my eyes T3 is an dead end since over an year. Outnumbered would only mean better quality bags. Stockpiled supply can be collected by players, each of whom may carry a maximum of 10 units untraited, up to 15 while traited and unbuffed and up to 25 traited and buffed With an additional 5 possible through Guild Objective Aura I and another 5 bonus from the Presence of the Keep. The only reason that SoS got the short end of the stick is that the server got two consecutive srason RNG roll.

I am glad to see my post generated some positive discussion though. Damnsight more fun than PvD, or sneaky catas then waypointing as soon as the enemy turn up.

Other waypoints can be added to some objectives through objective upgrades. Alive or downed enemy players that are not invulnerable nor invisible or NPCs inside the capture matchkps prevent capturing.

We either get servers far far down the ranking list, or like last week Viznua siege hell have fun with that Piken, they nearly broke our spirit last week and zeason because they could kill us but because siege, siege and more siege So what is going on with the matches?

This week’s WvW matchups have killed WvW for me and many other servers. Log in or sign up matvhups seconds. Even last place all 4 weeks will give more tickets than season 2 winners got. If the goal of the tournament is to lose a player base that’s already losing people left and right I believe that goal has been reached.

World versus World

World matchup system might say if it was an evil overlord instead of a bunch of code. TL;DR — bad matchups can and do happen because math. To capture an objective the Lord has to be defeated. Sure they are more competitive than us, but still it’s nice to try stop them.