This is how it went warning this is a little long because the book is so damn long: Is a pimp apparently. Jan 21, Cheese marked it as to-read Shelves: WTF is up the dialogue? Great parts of this novel should be burned and are pure preachy and nothing more. That’s rather accurate for Jake.

Yeah, Big Daddy did I mention that’s what they call freaking Lucifer. Gabriel, being a jaded old archangel, isn’t keen on the idea of falling in love with a human, so he rejects her. One of these events, and this is cool to know, is a seven headed dragon coming down to Earth to try kill us all. There was no redeemable feature about this book. In short – Not very scary. Post a Comment Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment! This site uses cookies.

That’s just fucking fantastic.

Let me be frank authors, no one likes reading about a special snowflake. Why is God just starting his mission to improve the Earth? A long time ago when this Hell was created, Satan was permanently locked in there by God and could not leave. That, that doesn’t even count the heaps of other sex lecturing. So I wonder if I’ve ever told you people how much I love making lists. Or being tricked into eating junkfood! While I’m writing my review, you may entertain yourselves by reading my 46 status updates below.

While Jake is trying to woo Beth, she starts plotting with Tucker. It sounds so bad I cannot resist. Also, for someone who says she doesn’t like writing about dark topics; she certainly did it quite a bit in this book. Gabriel is an archangel and Ivy is a Seraphim. If I’m to read Heavenit will come to me on a silver platter with the most glorious aromas coming from it.


Mimi can be a bitch, Mia can be neurotic, and Maggie can be stubborn as hell. Lists with This Book. A lot of angels have been created or imagined using this Hebrew Mythology. He even tells her that the local priest has been informed and they can elope right away!

Review of “Hades” by Alexandra Adornetto | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

The car seemed to soar through the air in slow motion as it ploughed into the cave and landed meters from us with a sound like a thunderclap. Yeah, book one was bad enough. Aug 22, John Egbert rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Jake drags Beth around hell for a while before taking her to Ambrosia, a hotel in the third circle of hell where Jake is the ruler. More bickering and purple prose describing the scenery follows. Instead, she remains as short-sighted and silly as ever, a fact which is hammered into the reader’s head again Scount Mints?

What Bible is being used here?

I loooooved Halo and can’t wait for this one. Satan being bound in the abyss Revelation One of the new secondary characters is black, wear leather miniskirts, drinks alcohol and she has some cool adornetti shoes and is named ASIA. But do not buy the book, Jesus Fucking Christ do not buy the book please. He’s even worse than Satan, as far as pathetically portrayed characters go.

The honey-coloured strands of hair that fell across his forehead were still streaked with gold.


Alexandra Adornetto

About rhapsodyinbooks We’re into reading, politics, and intellectual exchanges. Beth uses the yades to communicate with Xavier and tells him to go back because Jake is coming after him. Yes, Bethany is probably the easiest target, but what about Asia, and all the jealous bitches she epitomizes?

Aren’t those covers lovely? On the minus side, the author is officially out to set feminism back…to nonexistence.

I decided I couldn’t wait forever to write a review on here. I have read a lot of awful books in the day, but nothing has offended me quite like Hades at least as of recently. Totally and completely lame, and the worse part is, they zynopsis all painfully serious.

Her word choice is awkward; every few setences, she’ll throw in this giant SAT word.

Then there was the whole scene with Jake being able to kidnap Bethany. She does it again about ten pages later when Jake’s got her on the motorcycle. There were these three angels, the qdornetto one liked cooking, the middle one liked partying, the little one made everyone’s life miserable. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. A gas pedal on a motorcycle!

Want to Read saving…. Once in Hell, Beth decides to wander off and check it out and gets in trouble. Pretty much a disaster waiting to happen.