My review after first watch: I enjoyed this episode. A Dothraki invasion in season 1 would have devastated Westerosi civilians, regardless of which Targaryen was the heir at the time. Never forget what you are. Thirdly, it makes narrative sense. Winterfell scenes were great! Contrary to this site, the episode has been pretty well received from the general public and critics. Add in the clash of opposites in Jon and Peytr — in the Crypts below Winterfell, no less!

Loves the game, and manipulation. There are a limited number of people who would be of interest and all are too far for a quick trip. Though I could have comprehended it wrong at the time. However, different threads are happening at different times, not necessarily concurrently, this has been confirmed already by people creating the show. Hee, that one never came up here, so like you I was amazing and yes so satisfied know Im not supposed to be but there it is. I am aware of the actors that stated this season was different. He loves what she could potentially do for him, but LF is probably the most non-sexual character on the show. Then seeing the wolf pack after waiting so long?

I like this episode. A TV show is an audio-visual feast and GoT has always completely excelled in that respectand no amount of plot leaks will convey the full awesomeness of the episode.

Am I the only one who wanted to tell Olenna to stfu?

No both Nymeria and Obara were killed. Thirdly, it makes narrative sense. Hopefully this episode is a lot more intense than last weeks. But yeah, the scene was well acted. I knew it was, but DH got a little confused till i reminded him about the conversation with Brienne. Catspaw AssassinConnor. Sorry if that seazon an off topic derail from episode talk. Dee StarkYeah I got that same vibe.

S03E04 Eqla3 Translation Group. Stimpy StarkI agree with you Eyfire hope she comes back also. I was in tears. I think the editing was amazing as it was in ep 1. It means that Nymeria is no longer the wolf that Arya remembers from when they last parted. She sexson such a good job being mentally absent and focused on Cersei killing until Hot Pie mentioned Jon. Who in Westeros does not already know she is an egotistical lying narcissist. RBloodworthYes, exactly.


Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros. As much fun as it was seeing Jon beat up on LF a bit, it was probably not a great move on his part. Jon vs Petyr was amazing. Daeny sales past Dorne to … go back and swap soldiers? Love Diana Rigg, but Olenna going ket go out running her big mouth.

But yeah, his style is overall not that enjoyable to me. Nymeria and her pack!!!!! That scene evfire me of the scene in mereen when drogon visited Dany And he just left her and came back to save her Parallel scene maybe.

Okay I just rewatched and I thought Yara was alive, but if so, who is hanging under Obara on the prow of the ship? Hmmm… Hmmm indeed and of course the song is playing in my head but it could be worse…. Here we go again! Any way, time for me to go to sleep. Omg I love Euron now lol I loved his kraken axe! I never really thought he loved Cat either, so much as he wanted to be the one SHE loved.

I loved that too. JewelsDanearys hears tale of bastard turned king Jon Snow and the shit he faced yet all she can say is summon him, to bend the knee.

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Someone said this was a filler episode, like WTF. Of course I could be way off on my assumption. She was entirely detached and indifferent to him until he mentioned Winterfell. ThronetenderAm I the only one who wanted to tell Olenna to stfu? Sewson had not noticed but you are entirely right: I am sad about that. We see in this ep Dany sends a letter to Jon, and the next scene is after Jon has already read it. For those of us familar with books, we already knew what was going to happen for the first few seasons jow yet it was still hugely enjoyable waiting to see how the show pulled things off.


And Sansa did exactly the same thing she did seasoj week. If Jon and Sansa were meant to hook up, then the showrunners would have aged up her character more and cast someone older. He sure did make Lysa scream though… The other side of the Narrow Sea remembers. Added to the fact that apparently the King in the North has been actively avoiding Baelish since the very first day they all arrived at Winterfell, the Mocking Bird has no reason to believe Jon mft forgiven youg anything.

No not that I could tell. I believe you guys will enjoy the episode. Was it lacking music, tone, the right camera angles? Arya went from being sad to a very slight smile of understanding.

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There is so much content out there today. Dany is not into dudes like Jon, she likes bad boys. Robert may have been a drunk, but the kingdom prospered for 20 years under his rule, thanks to Jon Arryn sason Stannis.

Dany landed in DS and surrounded by various other personalities, Jon being a king, Sam at the Citadel, etc. It seems like somebody pointed out that Edd and all the boys greeting Bran were dressed just like Jon and even styled their hair just like Jon.