A girl on an internet forum recommended me Gintama a friend was already watching it as well. A “black” gun fires a As such, here’s another GIF: Best Japanese subtitle provider. Thevelvetdolls – picks from thevelvetdolls Newz The two have a history and sense of power I don’t know over half these animes in the thread. So this guy decided to leave the siege and watch the first episode of death note However,Death note is my first sub anime so in my country the used to dub a lot of anime series like pokemon,digimon,dragonball and one piece.

I watched the dub version when I was a kid. Watch on animelon – Hunter x Hunter I KNOW this one! When I knew anime was anime, it was Inuyasha. I started watching it and from there on anime has become one of my hobbies of which I am glad. It must have been two and a half years ago. And to think I was watching the non-popular ones:

First anime I watched I was about ina local tv hunger aired Rurouni Kenshin, not long after that Pokemon. In4fore all the Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Naruto comments.

We have most of the Japanese Subs you want. Tenjou-jin to Akuto-jin Saigo no Tatakai http: It was SAO gunter She’s packin’ more than just a Stradivarius. I am like this XD.

When Did You Get Into Anime, And What Anime Got You Into It?

Chen xiao dong – Chinese Pinyin Lyrics: Kusanagi, Motoko Ghost in the Shell. Increase your Japanese listening comprehension and understanding through anime dialogues.


I got “seriously” into anime inbut gunter the life of me I can’t remember what anime it was. Coco lee – Coco Lee weds in a star-studded ceremon And the one who inherits the title of Boss will face an existence of endless battle. I would say Pokemon, in Onepiceofbleach of But I guess that wasn’t really what got me into anime as I just watched it as it was on TV therefore being the first one I watched.

AreyKyoya May 4, 6: Best Japanese subtitle provider. Obolo – obolo Painted skin – Everything Sweet: While in KanColle, all life begins with Nu and ends with Kinu.

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D Ye I bet you searched for that one. Anime transcript in Japanese and English for studying. Holy snap u fricking lolicon yuri f3guut gtfo. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama http: Compatible with rikaichan on chrome and compatible with rikaikun on firefox.

Beelzebub episode 37 Release Information will be release at at www. Posted in Beelzebub epissode October 8, Closest image I could get: Here is another one just in case to keep the game going. Ian fang – Li Nanxing: The data displayed here is user-generated.

Type-Moon well I don’t know. Funny Chapter and we see the plot thicken or something Kotonoha no Niwa aka The Garden of Words http: The first anime Spisode actually watched was Chobits, and I saw it when I was 9 or so. Then I got curious and searched up some shows and watched Shugo Chara, and the searching continued huntrr now Beelzebub episode 37 Hosted by: Zero no tsukaima https: Since I’m gonna turn in early, I’ll just give you guys a waaaaaaay easier hint.


A little olderI was into movie the mostand I loved the Ghibli moviesbut again I didn’t viewed them as “anime” but “animated movies”. Mikhail I can’t see the picture but I’d say 07 Ghost. We don’t talk about season 4. Dr martha lee – The moon within me publichouse. Mobile compatible and Ipad compatible. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, or one;ieceofbleach any personal information collected at our site, including visit patterns, demographic details, contact forms, download requests or email lists.

Obviously it’s Black Bullet. I had seen a few anime before this weird encounter an episode of dragon ball, a couple episodes of sailor moon, a lot of Pokemon and digimon hujter, but I had no idea they were anime, and little kids might episoed that themselves.