I understand that Daniel Henney has Irish blood, but must you really dress him as a leprechaun? She shakes him off when he tries to wrist grab her, citing her upcoming marriage and the rumors that could spread. She is such an amazing, amazing actress!! I vaguely remember the backstory. I do agree with the plants though. Fashion King Korean Movie.

I cant wait a week Added to top DJ gets mad at AJ and scares her off, realizing too late that she’d brought him a gift of potatoes. Why are they not going at it like bunnies right now? Watching Big as it airs in Korea has been a weird experience for me. Episodes by LollyPip. Maya July 11, at 3: She is such an amazing, amazing actress!!

I think Philip tops them all, though: Excellent summary, th em! Laughed at the mention of Shin Mina too bad she can’t cameobut when Seri was praying the first thing I df of was Go Minam! The Korean wording used is akin to “making someone suffer a little,” the way people who like each other or are very intimate might pull mean pranks on one another, then laugh about it later after it’s brought them closer.

Hyung-kyu nods, acknowledging by comic book logic that kimchdrama Iron Man needs to retune every once in a while.

Best Love: Episode 14 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Risou no Musuko Japanese Drama. Nodame Cantabile Japanese Drama.

I love your recaps HN2, i can barely repress my laughter at my job. Loved every minute of it. The politics and personalities in the kitchen of an upscale Italian restaurant in Seoul, with special emphasis on the forbidden love between the hardworking kitchen assistant and her prickly new chef. Now that’s out of the way,I feel so much for DJ my heart hurts every time he hurts.


Looking forward to the next recap.

Watch Korean Drama: Time slip Dr Jin Ep 14 Eng sub

I have to agree with everyone that this breast exam is reaaaaaalllly ridiculous. Its to hard to keep my composure, not to LOL – but cant keep giggling and grinning like an idiot. I love Gong HYo Jin. Anyone else counting how many times they’ve kissed.

Episode 15

What can I say, except we are living kimchidramaa lives? Sethe June 17, at 7: Read my full review here. I never saw Hong Gil Dong, but from the others I’ve seen I assume that not once in any of their dramas did we ever get fun sexy times.

Don’t you dare die on us, Potato! Might be much better from our current disease, that is Dr.

Cat Street Japanese Drama. She says that she has to stay by his side and recover, sighing. And, our lead characters, they bother me to the core. Handtowel somewhere so I can ogle him. I keep hoping for something for this drama, yet I’m not episod anything.

Do you think they’ll save that for the second-to-last epi?

FacePhase June 17, at 5: Jin is turning into a time travelling comedy for me XD and I appreciate it!! Look what this drama has done to me? Full House Take 2 Korean Drama. This show is sooo bad that it’s so good.


How can you be so damn good? These things don’t happen on network television. I can sooooooooooooooooooooooo much relate with how was your life before,during and after DL Is this going to become like the Rocky Horror of Kdramas?

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Can you feel the lump, too? Breast cancer as in malignant one usually isn’t hurt at all, episove usually so tiny you almost can’t feel that.

It can’t be this bad, and this stupid, can it? If I don’t get to sing, you don’t get my stamp of approval. Yeah, I find myself grinning like a fool whenever I see potatoes or vitamin water. XD I almost died of laughter reading this.

I had to pause the episode during the breast exam I was laughing and crying so hard!! The Movie Japanese Movie. Thank you for the recap! I read your entire post and that is some crazy good attention to detail.