Eastern Central Mountain Pacific 9: For what- ever endorsement you can give us, sincere thanks. He stopped off in Chicago, joined the movie company appearing at the Cen- tury of Progress. Alfred Wallenstein, conductor; Nadia Reisen- berg, pianist. The couple fell in love, but without revealing it to each other. The 31 meter band remains an active spot, but increasing noise as the season ad- vances wilt turn the attention of listeners to the higher frequencies. In all this, how- ever, the department encounters some puzzling snags and real confusion, based on the few really significant stage appearances allotted by the Met- ropolitan to the victorious contestants.

It is for this affair that accomplish- ments are reviewed, and recognition, in the form of golden statuettes chum- mily known as “Oscars,” is awarded to productions, actors, actresses and technicians alike. Early in this first program, Rudy went sound asleep and dreamed that he was Christopher Columbus. What is the best automobile radio on the market today? He usual- ly awakens everybody else in the house with his singing and playing. Authorized by Port Office Department. For foreign short-wave programs, please see page 19, V:

U WatrF i ;! Erich Leinsdorf On shipboard, Tristan, true to his mission, refuses to approach Isolde mondag til in fury she imperiously summons him through Brangaene and commands her to prepare a deadly poison for him in the form of a drink. At seven he was given his first role. It is, in tact, not uncommon for George to scoop some of our leading news com- mentators.

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Reason Dinah didn’t go on the Bernie show March 10 as announced was that Mary Small’s contract included that show, and the programmers had overlooked the fact. Jack Mills Billy Mojica.

Off the Beat Radio row rumor has Artie Sbaw set for a network return for a soft-drink sponsor. Variety program, wilh or- chestra, vocalists and instru- mentalists. Charlie Barnet planed to Florida, spent Monday lolling on the beach and Hew hack to New York the next morning in time to return to work Tuesday night. But Bessie, for no accountable rea- son, was stubborn.


The mondah will be heard on this, the last program for the season.

Tell them that radio and movie reviews are published here be- fore appearing in any weekly or monthly magazine in America. Texas Jim Robert- son, bar.: Young Tyrone was given a small part in each of the plays. Beginners not only welcome but greatly encouraged, especially if you “can’t even draw a stick man”!

Genncr Hallct, Mai Hamilton. Goodspeed and the late J. He is ambitious to be a great actor, and is impatient with himself and the slowness of time, as he has been from his earliest recollection. He was danger- ously ill with mvoie ears and was so extremely anemic that a blood trans fusion was necessary that night to pre- serve his life.

Address Buls arid Boners, Movie and Radio Guide, Plym- outh Court, Chicago, ItL in case more than one reader submits the same boner, prize goes to contributor whose letter bears earliest post- mark, in case of tying postmarks, ati ty.

Already dozens of letters have told us how happy the writers have been to be introduced to our mknday Movie and Ra- dio Guide.

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There 12 the case of Bessie. With the criminars brain, the professor goes on periodic killing-sprees between carrying on with his professorial duties. That’s just what the sig- nature looked like — a streak of light- ning! Whenever they were lo- cated, motorists who were approach- ing the nigh were warned to detour. WJZ onlv Vicente Gomez, guitarist: Larry Clout irr, Norman olcman, Emil Courtney.

Most unexpected event of the eve- ning was David O. When John Gambling, Mutual morning waker-upper, mivie his fifteenth anni- versary on the air recently. Glenn’s own arrangements featuring his “golden” saxo- phone tone, full eight-man brass choir and brass rhythm figures, his masterful han- dling of his men, boundless energy and painstaking thoroughness in rehearsing the band are responsible for the clocklike pre- cision and teamwork that identihes the Miller band everywhere.

Martin Lewis; managing editor, Ruth Biz- zeil; departmental editors: Everywhere they had been dial- ing, there was Grade! While an automobile radio is only a convenience today, because of the en- tertainment it provides, the year may not be far off when state or national laws will require them. Said Hope, at the speakers’ desk, sur- rounded by the golden Oscars to be awarded: Previously, Tristan had warred against Ireland, killed Isolde’s betrothed, suffered a serious wound and was nursed back to life by her.


Buy where you know satisfac- tion has not only been promised but has also been delivered. The elevator gained momentum, shot past floor after floor, Frightened, Lugosi signed the book with lightning-like speed. Com- mentator, Milton Cross. In New York, for example, there is an unpretentious little restaurant which bears an eye-catching and inciden- tally a till-filling sign. Boris Karloff, his close friend. NBC furnishes the champagne.

Behavior is the unchallenged barom- eter of what a man is, the one true key to a man’s character.

In this period of cock-eyed consumer research and half-baked economic theories, some parties have attempted to bring into disrepute the Mondwy practise of ad- vertising. We believe it does. Sound-effects, timing, cues, and music in this difficult-to-pro duce program fitted together perfectly.

Pioneer Howard was guarding his secret, was making preparations movue an early pro- duction start. JellO tenor, remembered with a party at the Beverly-Wilshire.

Tlie story of a simple Portu- guese stonemason, whose statue stands in Death Valley. Incidentally, that tour reestablished Hollywood’s consciousness of Powell’s worth. Tos- canini and, quite often, his five-year-old granddaughter, Sonia, as well as her mother, Mrs.

Tuesday is 102 KTRA Day at The Allen Theaters!

Toscanini goes directly back to his dressing-room where Walker — he calls Walker his “shadow” — awaits him. Andy Devine turned into a suspicious Ferdinand.

About twenty minutes after the broadcast ends — it is scheduled to end at It concerns itself with the fast-fading Pyncheon fam- ily and a treasure reputedly hidden in the walls of their family home.