Have you checked your fluids lately So the stupid question is ‘what is the power unit’? Clutch slip is most easily diagnosed by suddenly depressing the accelerator when the vehicle is moving. So – before stripping the gearbox off – remove the drum and check things stay put. Dec 2, Posts: Whenever I explained it to people they nodded and said “oh, like juddering? It took me 32 hours over 3 days by myself. Oil change ‘how to’ here:

Looking at topping up oil in gearboxes etc, do I put oil through the removable plugs and fill it to the plug and is this just engine oil? So don’t leave the same clutch fluid in your system forever. New pressure plate and release bearing and been perfect ever since. Turned out it was the strange 3 part clip holding the handbrake expander onto the backplate. Also a huge amount of slack has disappeared from the drivetrain, which is very noticeable when you lift off the throttle in second gear. Give the props a good shake side to side in the direction as if you were trying to bend it.

Messages 1, Rovr I had similar symptoms mainly in 1st and it turned out to be a knackered pressure plate combined with PO botches to make it “work” well enough. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When the engine gets warm I get a severe shudder through the transmission when I reverse and also when I pull away in first gear. Sometimes it’s best when hot and other times it’s a bit “snaggy” when changing gear. I knew it was coming.

I was certainly advised to do so. It also suggests a couple of other potential reasons like oil on the clutch or an incorrectly assembled clutch, but with my really limited knowledge I’d like to look for the easiest things first.


If it was the drive system it would be knocking noises and if the handbrake was seized it would be self evident. How it went It took me 32 hours over 3 days by myself. If it’s only happening under load you may get away lland it for a while. It’s been a bit sticky in 2nd gear sometimes, but they all do that.

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Just before taking all that apart: Series 3 clutch judder. In a Series Land Rover, it can be caused by air in the fluid or a leak in the fluid from the master cylinder, slave cylinder or pipes; the movement of the slave cylinder push rod is excessive; the clutch disc is sticking on the gearbox shaft splines or carbon deposits from burning oil on the clutch disc are causing it to stick to the pressure plate.

No registered users and 0 guests. I’ve not found the best conditions for the best gear shift. I had the pressure plate go, again with reverse, 1st and 2nd.

I’ll post my experiences after the job, this will be my first clutch change since I did an Astra 15 years ago! Worst when Hot but almost impossible to move off. Searching resources for a particular Series?

Series 3 clutch judder

I am now going to demonstrate my ignorance in the most spectacular way! It really felt like the engine was going to come off its mounts. Makes sense to me, but I’m no expert The parts I replaced were: Sounds like it might be getting some oil contamination on the friction plate, one way to tell if its this is to ‘ride’ the clutch for a short time with ya foot on the brake in first gear with some revs at a standstillthis heats the clutch up quickly and should burn off any oil contaminants, juddwr this is the case then the clutch should stop juddering for a while until the oil comes back.


If the mounts are fine they will both rise the same ammount don’t go mad or you will split them! I had previously bought a Discovery 1.

Clutch Judder – How to recover from it??

Note there is insufficient access to use an open ended spanner effectively here. You may have a little leak down the back of the engine which is contaminating the clutch although, a Landy without a leak is most certainly broken!!! Your comments about the mounts worry me I’ll check them in the morning The whole Land Rover judders. I presume as the car is 5 years old it could be the clutch or the release bearing. Hitch a Series ride Back to top.

The tubing should be a tight fit else air will enter via the system bleed nipple. Not ‘riding’ the clutch at traffic lights etc will prolong the life of this bearing. No idea why it only had an effect in 1st.

Oct 19, Posts: Series quiz Choose how many multiple choice questions you attempt. And if that’s ok check the main shaft nut is not loose. Springs press the pressure plate towards the flywheel, squashing the filling. Messages 84 Points It can also be caused by a rovef pressure plate, wrongly adjusted slave cylinder push rod or a distorted clutch disc caused by fitting it wrongly.