Retrieved 15 March Retrieved 20 April Salahuddin then goes to Jeena to apologise for scolding her. Upon reaching, Manahil reveals that it was her idea to meet “one last time” before marriage and defends Salahuddin, but Salahuddin says that this was all his idea and they should not hurt or say anything to Manahil. Rehman asks Jameel not to give any money to Salahuddin for his medicines. Jamil helps Jeena and Mikaeel with kidnapping of the children, where Mikaeel backs out after seeing Jeena’s obsession.

Today in Ishq e Mamnoon Esilasu Aygun 2 years ago. Mikaeel ask Salahuddin to settle them abroad, so that he could start a new life to which Salahuddin agrees. When Salahuddin does not go to tutor Manahil, she gets worried and runs to Salahuddin’s home. So she calls him and warns him not to interfere in her life, even if she is dead. Salahuddin stops Cookie and Jameel from selling Rehman’s books and Ifti sees the whole scene, which in turn was actually a orchestrated act to turn Ifti against Salahuddin. Mann Mayal was originally scheduled to air in late December , however, due to post-production delays, Hum TV rescheduled the series for January Before leaving the house, Salahuddin goes to see Rehman and finds him unconscious.

Salahuddin warns Ifti, that he better pray for his father’s life. Jameel issues an advertisement for secretary on the request of Salahuddin’s mother to lure him in a marriage but he strictly refuses.

Manahil Aur Khalil: Manahil Aur Khalil Episode 86 (Last Episode)

Best Director Drama Serial. Salahuddin gets to know about Manahil being home from Rabiya. Manahil finds out about his father deteriorating and health breaks down in tears. Manahil, at night, calls Rabiya. A total of Rehman refuses to take any medicine from Jameel saying that he knows the truth about having cancer. Salahuddin, informed by Jameel, rushes to see Manahil but only sees her from a distance who is shocked and crying about their death.

Manahil confronts Salahuddin for leaving her in the first place and asks him to let her go. Manahil shares all kind of things with him like about Salahuddin, Mikaeel’s gambling.

Salahuddin and Rehman grow closer to each other which upsets Cookie. Mikaeel visits his parents graves and accepts his mistakes for one last time and ask them their forgiveness, he then gets murdered over his gambling debt when his friend came to claim his money. But when Mikaeel was taking Manahil back ;art, she asks him to reject the proposal. Salahuddin watches Tipu Manahil’s son and Mikaeel’s mother playing in the park.


Manahil Aur Khalil Last Episode 89 آخری قسط ~ PTV URDU DRAMA SERIALS

She burst into tears remembering her parents in-law and decides to leave Mikaeel once and for all. She then calls Salahuddin for help. Salah-ul-Din parents become worried when they see Salah-ul-Din taking care of Manahil and avoiding Jeena.

Determined on her decision, Salahuddin’s family visits Manahil’s parents for a proposal, but her father refuses, saying Manahil is not ready and he will not make any decision or force her against her will. Manahil tells Salahuddin that she cannot marry him and he shouldn’t have broke off his engagement with Jeena.

ishq e mamnoon episode 1

Retrieved 17 August Jeena apologises and Manahil walks khlail. Manahil’s father recovers slowly and ask for Manahil, to which her mother consoles him saying that Mikaeel has taken her home.

So when Manahil calls her, he pretends that he misses her and asks her to come back now.

Rabiya invites Manahil over for dinner and there Manahil and Salahuddin meet. Manahil epieode to adapt the environment of Mikaeel’s life and gives away her old clothes and accessories.

Jameel rushes into house to save Manahil and children who was informed by other servants, Jeena has locked them up earlier.

Retrieved 20 February After failing in her attempt to separate Manahil and Salahuddin, Jeena suicides.

Manahil Aur Khalil (Episode 83) Part 1/3

Despite breaking all ties with Manahil, Salahuddin secretly keeps an eye on Manahil through Jameel and blames himself for ruining her life. Salah-ul-Din mother ask Manahil to do house chores. Later, Rabiya informs Salahuddin about Manahil and he asks her to take care of her.

Jameel follows Salahuddin’s instructions to keep an eye on Manahil, and slowly develops a contact telling Salahuddin’s sayings, who he refers to her as “Guru”. Mikaeel’s friend, Bari, informs his father about his debt and is confronted by his mother, which led to a fight between him and Bari.


Salahuddin becomes worried when Manahil doesn’t show up for her appointment with the doctor.

Rabiya confronts Salahuddin that he “loves” Manahil to which he responds that they will never accept this relation due to their “social class” difference.

Jeena ask Salah-ul-Din’s mother for their marriage who tells her that proposal should come from her family member or friends. Salah-ul-Din try to meddle with Manahil children but she strictly warns him not to intervene with them, and both get into a heated argument, Manahil ask Salah-ul-Din that caring for them is not appropriate as he is engaged and Jeena doesn’t when he is around them.

She also tells him that she will not leave Mikaeel. When Salahuddin drops her back home, he says that he was wrong, and she can remember him anytime she wants. Sara confronts Manahil and warns her that their family will never accept her relation with Salahuddin.

Meanwhile, Jeena goes to Jameel and told him that she has feelings for him, and tries to turn him against Salah-ul-Din. So she calls him and warns him not to interfere in her life, even if she is dead. Retrieved 21 August She pqrt deletes his call from the call logs. Retrieved 14 June She expresses her feelings to Jameel and he warns her not to go after Salahuddin as it is a hollow pursuit. High ratings may well have been the reason for its decline in quality, as the producers realised that this cash cow could be milked for another 10 episodes.

In Hyderabad, Manahil recalls her memories and asked her father that she wants to start her life again on her own and refuses Salahuddin proposal.

Don’t forget to like share comment and subscribe Mikaeel calls Manahil and ask her that he wants to meet children. He finds out that Rehman has left him a four-thousand-guz plot.