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After the first episode, I can imagine many things becoming annoying about this show. In the upcoming episode, we’re shown a preview of Dawood’s complete , saying he’d like to leave Nayyab and would like her to start distancing herself from their son in order to make the separation painless. This is definitely one of those dramas that, episode after episode, leaves me wondering why I actually watch this show. However, after episode 7, it has become apparent that their storyline will affect Aiman and Haider in a big way in the future! This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 25 February It’s hard to root for a girl’s happiness Momina when she refuses to stay out of another woman’s marriage.

Nayyab resists this compromise at first, but later accepts it, realizing it’s in her best interest. The episode started off on a great note – we instantly got insight into the life of the Zorwar’s, a married couple living in the USA Sarwat and Adnan. It has to be said that everyone is doing a great job of acting. The possibilities are endless! At home, the family is plotting to get Hayaa married as she fights the notion as she’s not yet ready for marriage. Geeti Aara’s treatment of Nayyab could worsen due to conditions I say annoyingness is to come only because I think we can all see the foreshadowing for what will come to play out.

The supporting cast is all good, of course. Yet another example of writing characters to go against their past personality. Momina’s mother could create problems for Deeba to get Dawood for Momina. Her family inflicts zulm on her. And on that note, marawim watching! The episode has taken the drama to a good start so far.


Marasim Episode 14 Full on Aplus – 29 June 2014

With this new turn of events, I’m feeling less excited about the show and erama annoyed. As the drama begins, we’re presented with a series of “flashbacks,” none of which necessarily make sense entirely, but serve to make us aware that draja is not simply a love story. Is Mariam only at fault? June Learn how and when to remove this template message. It’s hard to root for a girl’s happiness Momina when she refuses to stay out of another woman’s marriage.

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Marasim Episode 12 Full Drama On Aplus – “15 June 2014”

Sunday, June 8, Laa – Episode 1 Thoughts. And inflicts more zulm on her. For the last 6 weeks, I’ve been held riveted by this show week after week.

Episode 11 as Jhalli [15]. In these flashbacks, we do see a man of the name Naimat Khan who loses his daughter Aaminah due to some feudal dispute from what I could understand.

We’re also made juns that Sajeela’s marriage to Haider was all part of Mazhar’s grand plan from the beginning. That’s all for now. After at least two years of marriage, we’re supposed to stomach that these two are still experiencing such a disconnect with their very nice spouses?

Not only have the current lot of dramas failed to hold my interest, but I’ve also been busy with a lot of personal things. Coming jube to the point of this post, after watching this week’s episodes of the 5 that have been maintaining my interest, I’ve been left with a similar feeling after each episode: Hopefully my next post will be sooner than later and about a show other than this usual list I’ve been working with.


All images and pictures are not my own and are taken from a magic tool called Google. Overacting would be an understatement: Tuesday, June 24, Negativity of Convenience. The upcoming twist in the tale is that Abdullah remember Momina’s jerk brother?

Marasim Episode _10 Aplus Drama 1st June New Update – video dailymotion

With Zindagi Tere Bina, it was to such an extent that I literally could not force myself to physically turn it on and didn’t realize that the show had ended a month ago! This was heart-breaking to watch, as Haider truly loved Sajeela. Posted by Sophia Q at 4: Some mafasim this article’s listed sources may not be reliable. At this point, there’s still little to write about the show, as it’s still in its starting stages. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

I can’t be blamed for some of them though, because due to the Geo shut down, obviously shows like Bashar Momin, Laadon Mein Palli, etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, after episode 7, it has become apparent that their storyline will affect Aiman and Haider in amrasim big way in the future!