The dust cover eliminates nuisance call-backs by keeping construction dust and debris from causing false alarms. How quickly will I get the replacement units? Page 14 associated with slow smoldering fires sooner than ionization alarms. The smoke alarm is operating once A. Factory sealed housing – Prevents tampering and provides outstanding durability. Alarms of the same type produced prior to this change were not affected. To use the False Alarm Control: How can I find out the dates on the units I have?

Nuisance Alarms Alarm Memory: Chris Woods is our Product Support Supervisor. Easy replacement for Firex Don’t show me this message again. During alarm mode, the horn produces three short beeps fol-. I noticed that four flash red as the manual outlines but four remain solid green. Electric location in your area, you may choose to have the installation done by another professional, and we will reimburse you for reasonable charges that you incur.

How can I find out the dates on the units I have? Got it, continue fkrex print. For problems with installation, you may call our Technical Service department at We ask that you return these to us as soon as you have installed and tested your replacement units. Plug will only fit one way Battery and will snap into place.

Do not remove the alarms seroes a replacement unit has been installed and tested to confirm the product is working properly.

When wall mounting, make sure the battery box is at the bottom of the unit. How do I determine if I have one of these alarms in my home and if it is affected by the recall? This will remove your protection.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. This pattern is somewhat. Enter text from picture: We replaced all of our fire alarms with the i upon purchasing a new home. The master cartons reference production date codes starting with and ending with Smoke morel are designed to minimize false alarms.


Firex AC Smoke Alarm with Battery Back-up and False Alarm Control (Upgraded to REPL-KIT)

Alarms of the same type produced prior to this change were not affected. The required number of smoke alarms might not provide reliable early warning protection for those areas separated by a door from the areas protected by the required smoke alarms. Ionization photoelectric v ac smoke alarm 8 pages. This Firex unit should be placed in singlefamily households or in each individual living unit of multiple-family buildings.

I need to replace my smoke detectors every ten years. When interconnected with other Firex smoke alarms, the unit that initiates an alarm will display a rapidly flashing red LED while the other interconnected alarm LED’s remain extinguished.

Easy replacement for Firex Attractive low-profile design – Favorite among consumers.

Download PDF manual English. Please see the table below for the corresponding replacement product. What should I do with the recalled units once I have taken them out of service?

When ordering this, we will upgrade to a current model, a plug-n-play unit. Interconnects with other Firex smoke and heat alarms – Compatible with other contractor preferred Firex devices.

Where were the affected alarms manufactured? Product within this timeframe can be identified by its date code, which appears on the back of individual units.

Are the replacements easy to install, or will you send someone to install it for me? Page 3 We know you expect nothing less when the lives of your family are at stake. For maximum protection, Firex recommends that both Ionization and Photoelectric alarms be installed. What can those who have or suspect they have an affected alarm do as a safety precaution?


How quickly will I get the replacement units? If you or your family members begin to experience symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, etc.

To use the False Alarm Control: The red LED will illuminate for about 1. Nuisance Alarms Alarm Memory: Browse for more products in the same category as this item: Page 10 If the smoke alarm is no longer under warranty, have a licensed electrician replace the smoke alarm immediately with a compara- ble Firex brand smoke alarm.

Aboutalarms are affected. How will I know they won’t be defective too?

Firex i4618 Series User Manual

Affected units include those manufactured between June 1, and February 1, Pull the Battery Pull Tab red tab protruding from the unit completely out of the unit unit and slide the battery door completely closed. Operation And Testing 4.

Are you replacing my recalled units with the same model? Item also blinks the red LED.

Firex FADC User Manual

Can I take my affected units out of service? The photoelectric type alarms are generally more effective at detecting slow. This results in a faster installation time. To print the manual completely, please, download it.