Bailey takes Amber aside and tells her to make more of an effort. Lou says they’ll appreciate the offer. Eventually, Chris relents and explains that Tash found his email to Summer at the newspaper offices, and got spooked. Rani gets a text from Sophie saying “I still can’t believe you did that”. Matt says he needs to talk to Rani about the graffiti. Priya suggests that they all need to find a way through this. Matt asks if she’s cute, and Bailey says very.

Priya sits with Ajay and suggests that they should go to family counselling, but Ajay doesn’t want to put Rani through that when she’s done nothing wrong. Chris, Andrew and Tash chat to Amber and Bailey. Kate reminds Sophie that she saw her and Rani running away from where the graffiti was. Lou says he is. Search for ” Episode 1. Lassiters Hotel exterior An employee and a couple of extras are laughing at some graffiti:

I do love you. I wouldn’t want to see that happen to her. He explains that things seem to be progressing with him and Vanessa, and he’s moved into the hospital with her.

At Harold’s, Kate finds Sophie, and says it’s strange how she saw Sophie and Rani running away after that graffiti was found.

I just want to know where I stand. Kate directs Bailey and Amber to their classes, before telling Lauren that she’s also been nrighbours Amber’s reports, and that she’s concerned about a dramatic drop in her marks from last year.

Bailey asks Lou if he can do some odd jobs at the Car Yard, forcing Lou to confess he doesn’t own it. Kate Kendall Amber Turner: Matt says he’ll ask around, once he’s taken some photos of the scene.


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Not surprisingly, this cunning disguise doesn’t work. Ajay Kapoor Menik Gooneratne She is dealing with this, all of it, in her own way. Chris Pappas Chris Milligan Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

He sends them all away and then calls the police. She debates what to tick for marital status, then goes with “married”. Margaret WilsonReg Watson creator. Charlie’s Priya tells Paul that Rani was the one responsible for the graffiti, and begs him to drop the charges.

Sophie Ramsay Valentina Novakovic Meanwhile, Lauren is introduced to Bossy the dog, and Sheila says that the Turners have really landed on their feet with Lucas’ place. Priya sits with Ajay and suggests that they should go to family counselling, but Ajay doesn’t want to put Rani through that when she’s done nothing wrong.

Season 1 Episode I just wish I could be honest with him.

He assures Paul he knows what he’s doing, and Paul leaves. At number 24, Priya is trying to talk some sense into her daughter, who says that she wouldn’t have done it if Priya hadn’t had an affair, and that she did it for Ajay. No 32 Lou apologises to Lauren for lying. Andrew takes that as an invitation to drag her into the bedroom, but she stops him, telling him this is exactly the problem with their relationship: Lucas Fitzgerald Ashleigh Brewer Ajay’s surprised, but thanks Matt for letting him now, and shows him out.


Josef Brown Lauren Turner: First she says that they fell on their feet at Lucas’s house, then that Lou fiddled the books at Dial – a – Kyle.

Lauren decides to go and buy some, and get some better coffee. She’s feeling guilty, but Matt tells her that Amber will have to learn to adjust to change. Are you in love epiisode Tash?

When Rani is in her room, Priya says that’s why they need counselling. It’ll keep you in line, old money bags. Paul watches with interest, his invisible moustache twirling.

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Chris, Andrew and Tash chat to Amber and Bailey. Sophie tries to disguise herself by putting her hand over her face. Rani tells her dad about the Facebook page He explains that he’s dropping the investigation against Rani, but adds that he is concerned about her.

Lauren nighbours confused, and is further confused as Sheila makes a dig about Lou fiddling Kyle’s books. Andrew asks her not to do neighhbours, but she reminds him of why they got together the first time: Everything and everyone that I know and love. She says it’s fine.