The door was the first to fail. We replaced our french door leading out to the deck a few years ago. After speaking with Samantha as well as a representative on the phone, both explained to me that the storm door was not covered under warranty from storm or wind damage but only defects to the door from the manufacturer or workmanship. Within 18 mos of installation had to be replaced because the seal was out and they fogged over. The door doesn’t fit well inside the sidelights. Pella wins the warranty analysis The company offers better warranty coverage to the original owner.

I’ll appreciate should you proceed this in future. Ah, didn’t they just deliver the door. I have tried to get Pella to come, but they want to charge a service fee. Hi my zip code is and I am Looking for a local distributor for my own installation. We just want our money back! Extreme commitment to sustainability: Very courteous and professional managers, Brian and Dan.

More likely it came from the Pella plant. The handle comes in two parts: You may be out of luck as those windows have very few options. This was an extremely aggravating experience!!!

You don’t cement in screens anybody would know that. I took pictures of the worst case but all of the other panels are well on their way to looking the same. Why they did not acknowledge fault and try to make right within one of the first visits is still frustrating… Even after 10 yrs and I am sitting here with a sweater because I feel wind coming from window. Delivery was on Nov 8th but I refused to let them install. So I have to now get a pole hold the top closed while I close the bottom to lock them.


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These are mid-range vinyl windows with standard double-pane glass. The manager, Thermaxtar, came out a few times to replace the sweep and threshold. Where can I purchase half screens for these windows? I am disabled and they have really taken advantage of me. Every year I get frustrated more and more as I sit with drafty windows.

I may have to go into more detail on this aspect and the issue it presents later. If you install this window and never touch that screen for the rest of your life it might hold up.

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I’ve noticed a huge difference in the heat efficiency throughout the house as well as noise reduction. Maybe we should have ordered aluminum instead of vinyl.

Can you direct me to a local distributor for custom made windows. You can see outside under the sidelights. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this problem?

In our experience, and from what online reviewers say in their critiques, the local window company and installers make or break the customer experience.

Our no-obligation Free Quotes service is the quickest way to get in touch with several top window contractors where you live. Several friends built new homes around the same time and I so wish revieq had their brands because none have had any issues and I sit here freezing from a draft!


In a few of the windows, it looks like the worker just missed the hole entirely. They are in our basement. If you get these windows just be really careful with them.

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We replaced our french door leading out to the deck a few years ago. I haven’t really had any issues with the windows thermastwr we installed them in March of this year.

A window that costs Calls and texts to the reps at Pella was met with resistance and rude behavior. To make matters worse, the most problematic windows were in our children’s bedroom.

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It took another 6 weeks to replace the glass. There have been failed class action lawsuits against Pella google it that have failed because apparently they had good seriee write the warranty language. Should I stick to the ThermaStar or is there a better choice for my goals? I just get the sense that I had better lock or unlock the windows gingerly otherwise suffer a broken latch.