Sher strangulates her neck. Sher tells Shraddha that he came here to see his daughters and to see if she is complaining against him. Dee 15th Dec – He asks her to tell that she is a lazy woman. Chanda comes back as old woman and asks why they stopped entertainment and says still a lot is left. Saima 16th Dec – 8: I really miss sherdha I really miss his sentence sher singh tumhare liye jaan de bhi sakta hai jaan le bhi sakta hai I really very miss them and the new story track is boring and stupid the heroine is not beautiful like shradha and the new character of bajaj is negative I really hate that.

All this time we were watching sher and shraddas love story and wanted to see Iit develop!! At least now gaurav can spend some quality time with his wife and kirtida can maybe benefit from a few more acting classes. What a bakvas…… It is the worst ever show with the lead dying. Bhavri asks if Tilak Raj is innocent. Arjun comes and man runs. Guyz thnk wat wud hav hpnd if only one of them survived.?? Wat the hell is this..

Bhavri says now Tilak Raj is finished. Pathanga 16th Dec – 1: Bhavri knocks door and shouts to open door. Page 1 of 1. Bhavri asks if Tilak Raj is innocent. Nd d most sensitive boy wl belv n her and try to gv justice fr his sis.

He throws her on floor and runs towards room. Wahat the hell how this chanda becane pregnent. Pathanga 16th Dec – 8: Arjun says he will if time comes. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Isse accha to happy ending kr dete show ki. He asks Sumer to epislde them outside. Sher asks to take him 1 Shraddha as every second is precious for him. Man goes to Bhavri and cries.


She rangrezzz even after 20 years, she rules over Azamgarh. What a bakvas…… It is the worst ever show with the lead dying.

Shraddha Delivers Twins

This is how the show is going to go on for the next few months. Mehak Kharoud 16th Dec – 7: Doc comes out and informs mama that sher is calling him. This is for Angel… how the hell did Chanda get ranfrezz Arjun comes and man runs. Nishaanth 17th Dec – He just prays that his jiji, bhanjaji, bahuriya and children get well soon. He then asks where are Shraddha and amma.

Mama taunts him he is shameless to apologize his wife.

Bhavri says Arjun did right and says he shivers in fear in front of Tilak and is venting his anger on his wife. Kya koi mujge batyega k how chanda is pregent????

Chanda who is completely mad now laughs in jail and says she loves Sher a lot. Lilly 16th Dec – 2: She is very nice but her acting unfortunately let a lot of the scenes down.

Arjun gets down from bullet and says an innocent woman is being beaten by ruthless man. Woman tells man she will get him hot water. First Samar and now Sher: Sher says this is wrong, she fulfilled her wish. Bhavri asks him to get it down and says his body is strong and heart very soft.


It was soo good in the beginning but they producers ruined it. He tells wife it is her mistake to marry such a cruel man. Sign in Recover your password.

All this time we were watching sher and shraddas love story and wanted to see Iit develop!! Held for a while as I thought it was going somewhere but obviously not.

Why do the leads in most life ok shows die? She says she likes his witty taunts. Mama shouts that he will not spare Chanda and asks Sumer to go and inform police and not let Chanda out. Woman blesses Arjun to get a nice girl like him.

Piya Rangrezz Episode – 4th December – DramasWiki | Watch Full Episode

They chant her name. Shraddha smiles at Sher. EmEs 16th Dec – Shraddha asks how is her husband. I also wanted to know …. He asks what he should do.

I have just started watching this show this week, was liking it but Sher is dead. Until this 2 r der I will watch it? Tilalk taunts her that he likes burning her and asks till when she will burn.

Like 0 Dislike 0. Children are born and doc congratulates them that they got 2 baby boys.