New website too – www. Propagation – Only this one station heard due to much QRM. Coctwtui irovc, M, 33 1 33 30 day reium privileges apply. They’re linked from this page. Propagation – Some activity to Tunisia this morning. Prices, terms and specifications are subject to change without notice. But computer operators sit right in front of their screens, and only terminal couch potatoes get that close to their vidiot boxes! Apparently all 10 SW transmitters were put into maximum capacity use, 24 hours.

Again nothing noted on kHz all evening. Spain and Portugal fading in and out all afternoon at the bottom of the band. From wiretapping to audio filtering, this is a must have publication. Chicago FOX – Propagation – Some minor tropo to the North this lunchtime. Also mentioned was Juliet Control. After hearing the broadcast live from Israel, he said that a shortwave radio would be high on his future want list.

The hazards of computer video display terminals have been well publicized, but how are they different from TV screens?

Calendrier Séries Télés – Seriebox

They have a website too – Shalom FM. Said Today show spot was off at in USB.

Brown then radioed headquarters and asked them to call the alleged Coast Guard official back. White House Science Advisor D.

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The frequency was also being heavily interfered with by an unidentified utility band MUX signal. Verification cards are provided for all listeners sending in reception reports to Radio Japan.

June 11, Propagation – E’s just fading into Band 2. September 19, Big L – re-appeared on kHz AM this afternoon, with a good signal from the transmitter site at Trintelhaven in the Netherlands. Propagation – Noted the following stations from Birdlip near Gloucester. December 6, Propagation – All Culture today. Time FM – is the recent name change for Fusion on FridaySaturday,Sunday,Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday They’re on-air until the 11th of May.


Now smugglers arc forced to risk nap-of-thc-earth flying, otherwise Customs will detect them over miles from the border. A complete list of frequencies can be found in our monthly “Shortwave Guide” included in every issue of MT.

Police scientifique 8×03 A bout de course TF1 Propagation – Nothing noted part from a few very short pings today on epidode This was the speech the President made announcing the war on the first night of the conflict. Should I have consented to talk about cellular scanning? Propagation – Couple more pings, plus a lot of France Musique in the late evening despite beaming degrees.

It’s very unusual for people in ;lus Britain to witness auroras. An outside antenna will ve the likelihood of hearing cosmonaut Musa Manarov, U2MIR, or other space travelers on board the ship.

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Government Frequencies Go to Business which MHz of frequency space would be given up to industry. Forget about cellular monitoring.

Crisis State NTV EM field, aligning their antennae parallel to the field in an effort to minimize the effect. The sweep function will sweep thru preset bands in both the BC and Ham bands user-definable lim- its. Could they have been trucks, Larry? Propagation – Almost 6 hours of Sporadic E today. They’re on kHz mediumwave. November 15, Propagation – Some meteor pings this evening. Their announced launch date is 8am on Wednesday 31st October.

It was during that period that a report from the National Institute bellee Neurological Diseases warned that the frequency MHz was noted to have a lethal effect on monkeys. FM – mild tropo lift in progress since last night. In fact,” he continues, “practically any mention of a communist or socialist government seems to be followed by some sort of derogatory remark.


FM fair MH vvie COM O ‘ Tim Tyler has reported to CompuServe that there has been a large increase in the so- called numbers broadcasts aimed at spies, especially in the 7 MHz band. CEI understands that all agencies want excellent communications capability, but most departments are strapped for funds. It was also during the s that the popularity of DXing peaked.

Europe Near and Europe Far. The wider the spread the wider the pattern. You can see and hold the Maxxum i by visiting your episod Department store or camera shop.

Propagation – After a week of monitoring Just be sure you are receiving the right pattern. Don Moore, MI Administration mouthpiece The tethered Air Force blimp – nicknamed “Fat Albert,” broke free after it was being lowered for maintenance.

Overnight many short pings to Germany, with some pre-dawn weak tropo also to Germany.

Once you have pluus what a FAX station sounds like, it will be quite easy to spot other FAX stations in the shortwave spectrum. New aerostat range has increased to about miles and they can stay aloft for 30 days without refueling the generators. Directional antennas will have wings reflectors adjusted between 90 and degrees. Entertainment Television Chibi Devi!