Sur les rapports de la boussole et des. Inde ad Taccusciam portum xv. Inde alius sinus usque ad Scorticetum per ml. Au contraire, nous avons dit exactement le contraire. It has served its purpose. And we are a small station in a small province, so a 1 million dollars represents a huge percentage. Il est possible, comme le supposait Luard, que ce dernier, moine de St.

Inde inter aquilonem et septemtrionem usque ad sinum Ephesi ciuitatis, de qua clarissime, quam Amazones construxerunt, in Apocalipsin et passione sancti Iohannis Euangeliste, in quo requieuisse legiturh, mi. Inde alius sinus ml. Please contact us to request a format other than those available. You are putting words in my mouth and I appreciate the fact that I have a chance to speak back to it. So I’m not sure why we would be penalized by producing two entirely different stations with different products, different news, different everything on it, because we happen to be in the same market. Redeamus ad riueriam ubi causa harum insularum digresionem fecimus.

Supra Salernum uero et Gie iam dictas ciuitates infra terram sunt Seaba et Riuellum. We know that, you know, you might find this not exactly directly relevant, but it is directly relevant because, when you are coming up with a policy, it has to be done within our operational realities.

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I’m not looking for all the other parties that may have said what they said. Commissioner, would be, do they have less profit?

And our submission, I don’t want to repeat what we said, we have demonstrated what were the increases we have done, the percentage, and we have detailed it. I might add that on the CBC side, with our affiliate agreement, 70 to 80 percent of our inventory goes back to the network. And isn’t that the quid pro quo at the end of the day for the state funding?

How did you come up with that? But is your priority to compete against private broadcasters or is your priority to serve the people that are not served by private broadcasters? On veut qu’il fonctionne. For the same reason the government allows us to participate in the CMF. Inde uoluitur sinus Bere in fundo habens ipsam uillam Bere, foris cuius in capite iuxta riueriam iacet insula Carbonarola We are going to setup the LPIF to help them both out to the benefit of viewers, not to the benefit of that broadcaster or that one, to the benefit of viewers.


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One was not available to us, so this was our alternative. It was for local production. Inde sinus Macri uoluitur in fundo habens ciuitatem. Ab exitu sinus Almarie extenditur riueria que dicitur lena Almarie in austrum ml. So we didn’t think you had to have a requirement. That’s our first problem. But the real harm would be to Canadian viewers. Inde ad sinum Lee mi.

Cypri insula a Cipro ciuitateh est quadrangula in duplum, cum longitudo eius ab oriente in occasum extenditur. Ne seraient-ils pas le reflet du mode de construction de la carte? In fundo cuius Suron portus et in latere sinus insula Rubea, ibi portum faciens contra orientem.

If you havegreat; if not, I will take We have seen a marked increase in not just the volume of hours that we now give to people over the supper hour, which increased from one to one and a half hours, but the number of people coming to those hours has increased.

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Polls and surveys consistently show that Canadians place a very high value on local programming, especially their local news.

Our experience has been that the useful life of digital equipment is much shorter than its analog predecessors.

I mean it would make sense in the way that we don’t have other sources of revenue. Cui est a Fanu et uarda Sasne per maistro poco uer tramontana. For us, that decrease in inventory is not going to increase next year, Commissioner Katz, it is going to stay at that level for the next four years.

Que due insule faciunt portum bonum, quarum fretus iacet ab aquilone et affrico.

I think, probably just to be very frank, the concern that I have is that the fund was set up, as you know, to improve the quantity and quality of local programming. Sustaining a viable business in these markets is a daunting challenge. Inde ad Tenensem predictam. We are a small company so all of that competitive information is relevant to somebody being able to compete against us. Hanc a Babiloniis subuersam Zorobabel reedift- cauit, sed Romanus exercitus funditus deleuith.


Donc, oui, pour revenir au mandat, c’est important. 2290 inter aquilonem et septemtrionem usque ad sinum Ephesi ciuitatis, de qua clarissime, quam Amazones construxerunt, in Apocalipsin et passione sancti Iohannis Euangeliste, in quo requieuisse legiturh, mi. Sincesince the establishment of the Epiosde fund, the Commission has been recognizing the unique circumstances of small market independent television operators, ne we just thought that that should be recognized expressly in the LPIF.

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Waters, New Haven-Londres,p. How much of local programming costs are tied to bricks and mortar as opposed to strictly journalists when you assess your local programming costs? Like we said in our opening statement, we are an efficient and innovative group, and we are proud of that. The reason why we think it is appropriate to make it a specific line item is for customers to know exactly what charges they are paying under a specific subsidy program.

ej We’re using the money for local programming, and a good chunk of the industry is not. Inde aliquantum uoluitur riueria in modum sinus et extenditur usque ad caput sinus Melage. Il n’a d’autre but que pratique: Ad primam faucem fluminis Paui ml.

Inde ad Tetellas ciuitatem. So our economy is strengthening. I understand that this is a fair question and that you need to be able to reconcile this in your mind.