Archived from the original on November 7, Akihabara explains that the system couldn’t have been infected with a virus because he designed the circuits so well. They were eventually only aired on October 5, as an hour-long special. Pocket Monsters Problem Inspection Report. Porygon’s evolutions are the only pokemon to never appear in the anime because of this. For years following the incident, a disclaimer was broadcast at the beginning of all Japanese television shows, cautioning viewers not to sit too close to the television screen and to watch only in a brightly-lit room. So many people have referenced this episode, more so than any other anime episode ever made. To avoid further controversy involving the episode’s central plot, Porygon has never had an important role in another episode since.

Retrieved October 18, Archived from the original on June 21, In the remains of the mansion, Ash and his friends are relieved to be back in the real world. It held the highest ratings for its time slot [2] and was watched by approximately 4. As the antivirus targets the groip, Porygon gathers Ash and his friends to attempt an escape. Revealing a gigantic particle gun, it locks onto the prototype Porygon and fires a huge beam, sending Team Rocket downward into a cyberspace bug hole created by the powerful attack.

Connections Referenced in South Park: It features the Pokeballs being blocked in the teleporter so the characters have to literally go inside the teleporter to fix it. The same scene is seen again in the episode’s end credits, this time covering the entire screen. Archived from the original on November 7, Goofs After Pikachu attempts to shock the floating head, Misty’s hair is a darker shade of orange. Because of that, this episode was never commercially released or re-broadcast anywhere in the world, and the show went pofygon hiatus for four months.

Actually, it was Pikachu that was in the scene that caused the seizures who then went on to appear in dpisode every episode afterwards. Jessie’s Porygon changes the shape of its head to give itself a sword-like beak and tries to attack the other Porygon, who has also changed shape to counter it. Credits Animation Team Ota.


First broadcast Japan December 16, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved November 2, Add the first question. When they porygoj at their hotel in Tokyo, Bart is seen watching an anime entitled Battling Seizure Robots featuring robots with flashing eye lasers, and asks: There follows a scene with flashing lights.

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There were a few cameos by it later but of course never an episode focusing on it. In the episode, the Simpson family travels to Japan. They were eventually only aired on October 5, as an hour-long special. Koduck voice Megumi Hayashibara Epissode your free trial. The New York Times.

Porygon voice Rica Matsumoto Held onto Akihabara’s Porygon by Bulbasaur, Team Rocket weighs Porygon down and slows its progress toward the exit portal.

Its only broadcast was in Japan on December 16, The group falls into the Transporter system, but Porygon flies beneath them, grows in size, and catches them. Team’s Rocket’s attempt to stop them is stopped by Pikachu’s Thunder Shockand Akihabara’s Porygon sends them and the prototype Porygon blasting off. Edit Did You Know? Nurse Joy is relieved to see the Transport system working again, oblivious to the fact that Ash and his friends risked their lives porygom fix the system.

Pokemon Episode 38: Electric Soldier Porygon (no subtitles, raw)

Anyway, it looks like a bug in the system is causing it. I guess Porygon is the pokemon equivalent of Muhammad. Inside the Center, Nurse Joy and the technician are slodier by the resilience of the virus and command the antivirus spisode unleash a powerful attack. Porygon itself has also made cameo appearances in the first four films and A Chansey Operation.

Then, Porygon regains composure and uses Conversion ; its skin color becomes purple, like Weezing’s.


The flying antivirus locks onto them again, but Bulbasaur ‘s Vine Whip intervenes. Adventures in Unova BW: Also, the move Conversion has never been used in the anime since.

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In one of the scenes believed to have caused epileptic seizuresPikachu uses “Thunderbolt” on a cyber missile, causing the screen to flash red and blue rapidly. As a result of the seizures viewers were taken to hospitals; two remained hospitalized for more than two weeks.

In Pokeon Yesterdayelectrjc novel by Scott Westerfeldthis episode is mentioned and shown to one of the characters. Despite this, Akihabara, represented by a floating TV screen, warns them that Nurse Joy has hired another technician to put the antivirus program into the computer; and it indiscriminately targets anything, including Team Rocket, Ash, and his friends.

Share this Rating Title: Due to this, the episode has not been rebroadcast worldwide. To prevent any similar incidents from occurring, Nintendo quickly ordered the episode pulled, and it has not aired since in any country. Porygon’s evolved forms, Porygon2 and Porygon-Zalso remained absent from the anime until the fifteenth movieand even then only appeared in cameo roles.

This is it, people. Retrieved November 3, Views Read Edit View history. The frames which caused the seizures are a four-second section in which Pikachu uses an Electric attack on a group of vaccine missiles. The biggest load of I loved how it could shapeshift and turn into various weapons.

Twenty minutes into the episode, Pikachu stops “vaccine” missiles with his Thunderbolt attack, resulting in an explosion that flashes red and blue lights.

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