It’s shot on location in the Hawaiian jungle with Gyula Pados on cinematography, while John Debney reworks Alan Silvestri’s score from the film Predator. There’s more to an action movie than the action. I just want to add how nice it was to see the Predators doing what they to best again. The story also allows time to dwell on moral dilemma and ethical issues that fighters face in combat, with the strategies employed by the Predators seem to have come out of familiar theatres of war and rules of engagement, where traps are set not to kill but to maim, and fellow survivors forced to make hard decisions as to saving their new found compatriots, or whether it’s all man for himself. He measures seasons by the number of times humans have dropped in and Predators have wiped them out. Both a nice retelling and sequel of the first Predator movie. Still, his few minutes of screen time lift my vote to three stars

There’s so many directions they can take this franchise as long as they don’t go back to the Alien Vs Predator type of movie I think I’ll be happy. When you add to this mix one female member of the group to match the mix in the original, the predator whispers from the first movie not used in a similar way, the same words, which the predator copied from hearing Mac say them in the first movie, but are not spoken by humans in this one Oh and of course the kickass Predator theme from the original film makes multiple appearances! This movie is great. Not great but hugely enjoyable popcorn fodder. The acting is great, the lines are not successive groan-worthy quips, the cinematography is delicious, and the soundtrack is fantastic segments of the original with new score! But here’s the biggest problem with the movie

The action scenes also rule! Someone waking under such strange conditions would prsdators suppose that other people were also taken from their previous lives and were likewise dropped off.

The characters introductions won’t be a surprise to many people. However, if there ever were to be a more convincing statement of intent in relaunching this franchise, it would have been putting its marquee producer Robert Rodriguez to work in a film so suited to his aesthetics and stylistic idiosyncrasies.

Of course the smaller predator died but it was a good effort. These movies get better and better and better. Smacki 9 December Though it reminded me a bit of Pandorum.

Did the Predator’s arm them or were they already clutching weapons? My only predatos with the casting are that of Subyitles Grace.


And these games have been going on for many seasons. Predators predxtors back to the first Predators movie. So, all in all, really good movie if you’re not picky about redone scenes from the original and redone music. It is about a group of randomly chosen people dropped into a strange jungle, where we later learn is actually the Predator’s planet and the people are some of the most dangerous people from around the world!

The first 30 minutes are somewhat muted echoing McTiernan’s approach before they, as expected, begin to die one-by-one. It uses the original film for background and thats all. It has to be said, though, that Topher Grace is not only annoying, he’s also very miscast, but in fairness he’s not exactly helped by the writing of his character either. Spikeopath 15 July The dominant perspective is that of 8 newly arrived humans. One of the first action scenes involves predator beasts charging at the characters and it is exciting to watch.

In fact all the Predator movies were great it’s just that the first one was the best. This third movie become the other extreme of really knowing the characters.

That’s a serious pet peeve of mine and finally someone got it right. The success comes from a certain degree of self awareness and fan service that is thoroughly enjoyable and reminiscent of the early 90’s style of unapologetic goofy action. The acting was solid as a rock, every scene just stood out and the movie kept you interested throughout its entirety. I don’t know what you had expected to see when sitting subtotles to watch this movie if predatorx ended up giving it less than 5 or 6 rating.

For what it’s designed to be, an action blockbuster popcorn flick, it definitely delivers. He measures seasons by the number of times humans have dropped in and Predators have wiped them out.

A herd of vicious, thorny alien creatures suddenly attack them and then run away at the sound of a whistle who directs them? Thank you Robert Rodriquez and Nimrod Antal for not letting me down.

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Not an Oscar worthy flick but a damn good one anyway. Do they have some sort subitles space detective agency that determined he’d be a worthy sutbitles to take across the galaxy? Royce Adrien Brody emerges as the reluctant leader, but Isabelle Alice Braga subtitoes the connective tissue of the group. Something that looked a bit meaner perhaps? Royce concludes that the creatures were meant to scurry and test the humans in the same way humans use dogs in game hunting. In the end, though, it doesn’t serve to tear down the good times at hand.


If that’s true, then you’ve nothing to gain by seeing this – those who suggest it’s new material must have seen a different movie. So if the action, gore, effects, acting, characters, story, music, and suspense all work, then what is wrong? I know it’s an American movie and they have to show US forces as the be all end all of the world’s fighting men, but please, this is ridiculous. The four Predators themselves are not scary in the slightest. The CGI is top knotch and probably could sihala been nominated for an Oscar.

The other six men dropped into the meat grinder are a collection of stereotypes rather than names.

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And what I really love is the fact that there is very little use of CGI. Although admittedly not as fueled by testosterone as its predecessor, “Predators” gets by with a solid cast that includes Adrien Brody as the unlikely hero of the story, as well as Alice Braga, Danny Trejo and Predaors Grace.

I just want to add how nice it was to see the Predators doing what they to best again. This movie is great. Breaking from the recent horrible Alien Vs Predator movies. While making this movie, the writers and staff were told to only use the first Predator as a reference which is why it was so similar.

There is something in the original film that makes you watch it again and again.

Every other character had the potential to be interesting but was not explored enough, especially Laurence Fishburne. Noland Laurence Fishburne gives us interesting information on their intentions. Adrien Brody impressed the hell out of me in this film but the entire cast was well selected.

Subtitlees franchise and plays as more of a direct sequel to the original. The group learns their situation indirectly from plot twists, but Sunhala makes a few logical deductions from clues around them: I watched aghast as the characters are slaughtered one by one.

The story is not overly ambitious, they play it straight and the focus is given more to building tension, which it manages to do very well. It’s almost impossible to list the many, many faults in the script, but I’ll try.