Vladimir Barsky as Cmdr. He didn’t avoid to show child deaths so he could easily show the violence of the Bolshevik troops. As his most famous work, Battleship Potemkin, from , shows, his analytical, quasi-scientific methods bore the mark of both aesthetic and political upheavals. Valutazioni e Recensioni Ordina per: Alexander Lyoshin as Petty Officer. View All Critic Reviews

Aug 21, Full Review…. I was scared to watch this film a long time. Quasi non ci credo. While the age and variable quality of surviving prints makes it difficult to judge Eisenstein’s visuals, the use of montage has never been replicated to quite the same effect in any other film. Valutazioni e Recensioni Ordina per: Torna alla pagina del film.

January 24, Alexander Antonov as Vakulinchuk. December 15, Topic did not interest me but Eisenstein’s magical powers of narration made the film a piece of art instead of a boring propaganda film. If you are not in this extremely niche group, interested in the history of propaganda, or doing a freshman film recdnsione, there is no reason to watch this film.

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. November 06, A movie which almost invents everything about filmmaking. An old woman is shot through the eye, and her blood runs down her chin while her glasses sit broken on her face!

Poltautseva as School Teacher. The film is full of masterly handled filmic techniques – and not only in the Odessa step sequence.

Rewatched this absolute classic after many years. So clear, so smooth.


“Banana”, in cerca di felicità nei campetti di periferia – Cinema – Spettacoli –

Members of the Proletcult Theater. Daniel Mumby Super Reviewer. Because this is a propaganda film, it’s a waste of time trying to separate fact from fiction, because everything has been dressed potrmkin both in the language of Eisenstein’s editing and the political views it takes.

September 20, Grigori Aleksandrov as Gilyarovsky. Paultautseva as School Teacher. We might admire silent films as a genre, but that does not mean that every silent film is up to the standard of The General. Sure, it’s a very influential picture, but as far an enjoyment goes, it’s batting zero.

Nearly 90 years on, Eisenstein’s masterpiece is still guaranteed to get the pulse racing. Valutazioni e Recensioni Ordina per: Non solo per quanto riguarda gli avvenimenti, i delitti mafiosi, ma anche nella ricostruzione dei contesti: Worst of all, Battleship Potemkin fails because it does not cut the mustard as propaganda: I commenti saranno pubblicati dopo essere stati letti e approvati, ad eccezione di quelli pubblicati dagli utenti in white list vedere il punto 3 della nostra policy.

By using exaggerated movement and meticulous facial expression, the likes of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin were able to convey in a second what the talkies would need a recensikne minute to say.

Vladimir Barsky as Cmdr. Eisenstein’s film still has a hypnotic urgency. So far, then, Battleship Potemkin would seem to be as much of a fikm as it has been revered to be. Triumph of the Will worked because it appealed to ordinary men and women, many of whom didn’t vote for the Nazis corazzta the first place: But admiration of either aspect is not enough to excuse its overwrought tone, poor storytelling and its abject failure as a piece of propaganda.


Likewise, it is possible to admire Battleship Potemkin for its advances in the art of montage and for its spectacular set-pieces.

Cinema Muto – La Corazzata Potëmkin

After seeing “Triumph of the Will,” Potemkkn had thought I had seen the masterwork in the genre of propaganda films, but this treasure is beyond what is commonly referred to as propaganda. I think it’s also one of the great propaganda movie out there.

June 09, Prokopenko as Aba’s Mother. The Party’s message had become so saturated in popular art and culture that there was no need for anyone in the Soviet Union to see it.

Propaganda films have ranged in variety over the past hundred years or so, but the best ones oftentimes remain classic not just because of their subject, but the way they are filmed, what they change about the state of cinema, and what they intend to change in their viewer’s mindset.

Battleship Potemkin is agitprop, but cinematically magnificent agitprop