Personally, given the choice, I’d always go for the Police gun. Unforunately, some people go through life unarmed. The M is a fairly conventional pump action shotgun with a tubular magazine below the barrel and a conventional grip. Last I heard, Remington was using the plastic guard on the Police guns now because it is better. The M is a pump action shotgun and therefore has a limited rate of fire. If you look up the differences between the Express and Police, they are many. I’m still partial to the short standard Speedfeed stocks though. For pricing on an P, try Linda she is great to work with:

On the other hand you work hard for your money buy the shotgun you really want. I can’t stand the 6 shot versions, from any maker. For pricing on an P, try Linda she is great to work with: At least this is my understanding from the reading I’ve been doing. The MCS comes in a box that contains all the neccessary parts to create three different M setups. Over the years the design has been updated to suit the demands of law enforcement and military operators. The Elite features new sights, a modified barrel, improved trigger, a magazine extension, a new finish and various other improvements. Not until the late ‘s the synthetic furniture models were introduced.

Find all posts by herd I had already purchased a Remington mag tube extension from the dealer when I bought the I would think it would get in the way. I’d really like to know if Wilson does all the appropriate upgrades MP M Express Tactical.

Remington M |

After comparing gun to gun and price to price I got an p with Wilson scattergun tech sights and haven’t looked back. The Police model is basically a Wingmaster with park’d finish instead of blued. This later changed to a black polymer furniture. There’s no finish to wear off and get ratty looking, and in actual use, the plastic seems to be lasting as well if not better than the powdered aluminum version.


Stock Fixed Length 1 m Width?

As for other “tacticool” additions to the shotgun, I like the 4 shot side mounted shell carriers. Both of them had HUGE rusting problems.

I feel the same even moreso about shotguns.

I want it to be very visable for defense. I found I’d always slam my left wrist into the forward most shell with the 6 shell carrier. Find all posts by dfariswheel. There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Technologiws you from the management.

At least this is my understanding from the reading I’ve been doing.

Remington 12 GAUGE Border Patrol Model by Scattergun Technologies –

The parts are better, the fit and finish is better, they are smoother cycling, better inspected, etc. Find all posts by pezzulli. Even with these accessories I have less money in it than a Wilson. By continuing to use this site, you certify that you have read and agree to abide by the Legal Terms of Use.

Even though the design is dated constant improvements make it up to date with the latest trends. The Border Patrol Short model is similar but slightly shorter. The practical question, I think gets down to how many rounds you intend to shot and how abusive you are to give it. It is a much higher quality gun.


Unforunately, some people go through life unarmed. The powdered aluminum guard will break, where the plastic guard will flex and return to shape, and is self-lubricating.

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The most compact model is the Entry model which has a 5 round capacity and a slider with integraded light. I guess my biggest question is if you already own two guns that are even better than the Express, why not upgrade one of them instead?

The FBI model has no magazine extension but features a slider with integrated tactical light. It’s a heavily inspected gun made for sales to people for whom the gun MUST work, right out of the box and after being abused by street cops.

I’m not so sure about a sling being ideal for HD though admittedly I’m no expert Does anyone know if Wilson replaces the substandard small parts on their ‘s things like the plastic trigger guard, MIM parts, etc?

All information, data, text or other materials “Content” posted to this site by any users are the sole responsibility remingtkn those users. Has never seen a broken metal version.

I was looking at those as I have a second beat up though essentially unused police trade in p that I’m going to refurbish and likely go all tacticool with and am looking for ideas.