Rowan, on the looking for Maya, gets captured by Fitz, and is taken to the Pentagon until Maya is free. Season 1 ” Sweet Baby “. Season three had ten series regulars, all returning from the previous season, of whom seven are part of the original cast of eight regulars from the first season. He is very upset because Olivia chose Jake to be her pretend boyfriend, creating tension between Olivia and Jake. Fitzgerald Grant Jon Tenney Retrieved November 2, Full Cast and Crew. After Olivia finds out that Fitz shot down the plane which killed her mother, she declines the offer of being the campaign manager for Fitz’s re-election and becomes the manager for Josephine Marcus’.

It turns out it was James who got shot by Jake in order to protect the secret of Sally Langston killing her husband. Olivia decides to have Jake as her pretended boyfriend. Season three had ten series regulars, all returning from the previous season, of whom seven are part of the original cast of eight regulars from the first season. Retrieved November 21, On June 14, , Scott Foley was promoted to regular as of the third season. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Quinn joins Charlie at B, after having slept with him, however she’s planning to take out Command. Just when Quinn and Charlie are about to find out what Maya and Adnan’s plans are with a bomb they are presented, B gets shut down and Quinn tries to take care of business herself by running into the hotel, followed by Charlie.

Mellie is filmed for an in-depth interview to make a good publicity image of her and Fitz’s relationship.

James is afraid that Cyrus could learn that he is leaking information about Daniel’s murder under the alias of Publius. Fitz wins the presidential election, but breaks down crying and scabdal to call Olivia.

Retrieved November 6, Mellie insults Democratic congresswoman Josephine Marcus not knowing the mic is still on, turning her into a viable threat. Meanwhile, David and James plan to reveal the truth about Daniel Douglas, James saying that Cyrus is a monster needed to be brought down. They realize Rowan is tracking Maya, so they cut episoee her tracker and go to a motel.


‘Scandal’ Season 3, episode 14 recap: Not everyone survives ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’

The duo appeared in the fifteenth episode in addition to the season finale. Shonda Rhimes created byMark Fish. However, Olivia is able to figure out that the wife was the murderer. Andrew Nichols Kate Burton However, it is all a plan. Start your free trial.

Huck tortures Quinn for betraying Olivia, but while pulling her teeth out, Olivia calls him and informs him that her mother is in her apartment. Maya and Adnan Salif team up with Dominic Bell, who gives them a bomb.

Cyrus discovers that Sally plans to run against Fitz as an Independent when she hires Leo Bergen to be her campaign manager. Acandal second run, initially set to consist of 12 uninterrupted episodes, began on February 27, Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon.

A reporter finds out that there was drug use those which Mellie took to commit suicide within the Grant family elisode the time Fitz was Governor, and OPA tries to cover up the problem.

He tells B through Cyrus that he will claim Locke as his mistress in exchange for releasing Jake. Olivia discovers that Jerry has a Twitter account where he writes bad things about his father, and that he wants to wear a Reston campaign t-shirt at the interview.

Meanwhile, Jake attempts to gather evidences about Operation Remington. Retrieved April 10, The second part episde the season focuses more on the re-election campaign as Olivia has taken over as the campaign manager.

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Rowan, on the looking for Maya, gets captured by Fitz, and is taken to the Scandl until Maya is free. Retrieved April 28, At the same time, Sally announces that she is running for President by being an Independent.


The next day when the doctor comes over, Cyrus manages to cover up the crime by having Sally to not be willing xcandal let go of her husband. Maya boards the plane to Hong Kongand Olivia realizes her mother actually was a terrorist, named Marie Wallace. The president’s eldest children, Jerry and Karen Grant, come to the White House for an interview, but Olivia soon figures out that they aren’t pleased with their parents.

Panic begins to spread as Sally wants to reveal her secret about killing her husband in order to fix her relationship with God. Retrieved November 22, Fyll Grant meets Rowan to discuss Remington. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved February 5, Later, the mother takes Olivia and a congressman hostage at the Capitol fulp a bomb in order to get the file on her son declassified. Olivia, after her talk with Rowan about how B changes you, decides to take down the organization.

She later uncovered the truth about B and forced him to release Huck. Retrieved April 11, So Jerry arranged that Fitz officially participated in Operation Remington during that time, far away from Icelandwhere he actually shot down the airplane.

While Olivia is with her father trying to figure out how to take down B, Abby is serving as Olivia’s proxy at the White House. Sally takes advantage of the situation by helping victims, which helps her reach the top of the polls. January 19, [83]. Meanwhile, OPA tries to find out where B gets their funding.

Fitz flies Olivia to Vermont where he shows her the house he built for them and their future family, and they end up sleeping together.