The movie is thoroughly unwholesome, and I am here for it. The image on the box, of a robotic gargantua with a teeny tiny Johnny 5 head, was hard to forget. For what it is worth, Cassel’s real-life wife Monica Bellucci appears briefly as a female vampire in the black-and-white film-within-a-film being shown on TV at one point! They probably thought “let’s mix Cassel with some pretty faces and asses and with some crazy directing moves and we got ourselves a movie”. Dogs will come back to life after having their intestines ripped out. After they run over Joseph the screen fades to black and then Jasmine is on the road shouting at the car. He doesn’t even try to look for her before heading into the woods.

Meanwhile, the topic of food raises some uncomfortable questions about the role of religion in modern life. First,i warn you that i’m french and so that’s why i’ll do some errors in my comment. Images of sexual repression mesh well with frighteningly Freudian dreams and should be fair game for filmmakers. These doesn’t apply for this movie. Considering the way they’re described, it is offensive to both of them. And I must admit that there is some symbolism but is not very clear. And while Chapiron’s direction and script co-written with Christian Chapiron are, of course, crucial, special mention must be made of Barthelemy, without whom Sheitan might not even work at all.

I should disclose that because my ambivalence about my decision, and about the film llot, is so strong, I am currently distracting myself with a three hour long Lifetime Original docudrama about JonBenet Ramsey, so my commentary might run a little light. Unaware that this is a French film, I liked the sound of the premise, so when I sheitah the DVD on was pleasantly surprised that it was in French, makes an interesting differentiation from the usual U.

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Kassel is as usual excellent in his delivery and his big rotten yellow teeth in the film are in fact the most disgusting thing. Does it make me insane if I involuntarily imagine this as some kind of sublimated sex scene between Jeffrey Sheitzn and David Gale?

Inside all the plasticine muscle is a gigantic tube of guts or brains or something, which is great, and I admit to being deeply disturbed by the tiny eyes-on-a-stick that constitutes its head, on some primordial level that I barely understand. This site uses cookies. Joseph, for his part, is delighted by all this, and agreeing with Ladj, relates a strange myth about a man who sells his soul to Satan for the gift of invincibility, and then nine months after fucking the shit out of his sister, is visited by the Devil who has come for the child.


The music they listen to the scene in the car, when they ride to the countryside, is terrific and horrible, like they are somewhat possessed.

If you want to watch a film with some messed up characters and truly funny scenes with a horror undertone then watch this mad French movie!

You got yourself the bullshit movie of the year. Indeed Sheitan is really cool because it makes fun with two types of french people.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Why Vincent Cassel is Europe’s most dangerous movie star. What he got was a complete failure, a mess without plot, without actors, without ideas, without consistence. Truly different story, with a horrific ending, but too much Ambiguity. My take on it was that the story Captain Creepy Ass told at dinner was true. The unseemly psychiatrist further dampens the mood by explaining that he has just ended 15 years as a POW in a notorious Siberian gulag, and is on his way to visit a friend.

It lasts 30 seconds. But the trio is — and that’s what make the film more that a silly creepy movie — also quite in acquaintance with the devil. And this is where you start to wonder about Occam’s Razor and the possibility that this movie could recovery from a totally, out-of-control spiral spoiles Terra firma.

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The departure sloilers the end of the beginning and the revealing of the true nature of the movie. She is afforded no real romance, external or internal.

My vote is six. Joseph feels spoioers sort of attraction for Bart, and along the Christmas night, Joseph discloses his real intentions. This of course is not just an ordinary birth. Instead, by eschewing both these femme and fatale modes, Demme describes Clarice Starling as three-dimensional human being whose heroism is extremely hard-won. The worst of it all is I don’t think there was one death.


They must have been saving money from the special effects and extras, to pay for the catered food. Alice launches a down-the-rabbit-hole investigation into who or what this twin could possibly be, ending with a horrific genre-bending discovery that will require all of her wits to confront. Albeit rather easy in a non complex character, it is good, as always.

The main interesting point in this film is the Vincent Cassel ‘ game, he is brilliant.

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Vincent Cassel is nearly unrecognizable as Joseph, the insane-right-off-the-bat gardener, especially compared to some of his more recent roles I’m thinking his suave, sexy ballet master in “Black Swan,” or his Russian gangster in “Eastern Promises,” for exampleand he really makes this movie all on his own. Only in Europe can such a ferocious, a sheer movie appear. sppoilers

The answer lies at the end of yet another one of her obnoxious, meandering, pseudo-philosophical diatribes, at which point she spreads her thighs wide open and utters seductively, and quite seriously: There are casual closeups thrown in of crows devouring the intestines of a dead rat in the woods.

Later our gang goes bathing in a grotto.

As part of the emerging French group Kourtajme’, Chapiron has greatly learned from some of his more famous contemporaries, namely Cassel. The father of the girl was a dollmaker of course so you have the obligatory room filled with dolls, doll parts, dismembered dolls, weird looking dolls, and some strange doll-making instruments one of which is this large corkscrew-shaped knife, which you just know will make an appearance later in the movie.

This crass and somewhat aimless thriller has an undercurrent of religious paranoia, and the social unrest that usually follows it. Lovecraft story I once read about a guy living in one of those isolated New England farmhouses – think of the introduction to Tales of the Darkside the series.