Download Arang and The Magistrate. So they both remember, and get to be happy – and that’s what I want for them. Well, there’s always room for improvement for everything and everyone. I didn’t see lee min ho in this drama, then why are you dragging him out. I mean living as a Goat in Heaven She rants in frustration while Eun-oh stares at her, wearing a smile on his face that seems reassuring. Like was surprised to feel so bad for him. The first half was definitely better than the second half.

Sinopsis Arang and The Magistrate episode 3 part Still one cute ending. I don’t see how being a Grim Reaper is a light punishment for Joo wal. I seem to keep repeating this, but it’s not so much that she killed herself as that she caused her own death by choosing to save Joo-wal’s life, back when she was Lee Seo Rim. Sinopsis Goddess of Fire Jung Yi episode 9 part 2. I would die just to spend 1 night with him. I am so sad I don’t get to see more of them!

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From the cringeworthy moments between shaman girl and the lovable lug of a servantsma, the redemption? Sinopsis Arang and The Magistrate episode 4 part It would be quite cute to have him love her despite all those formidable and pretty much unbelivable stuff about past lives and thinking that they saved the gods together.

Again, I understand that due to the time constraint, thhe may not have been possible, which is exactly why I am saying they should have devoted at least one entire episode underlining how Epiwode and Eun-Oh manage to find their own solution regarding the problem how to be together when heaven and hell are literally in their way.


Anya October 18, at 9: But as he says how could he forget when she kept mavistrate telling him repeatedly not to drink from the well of forgetfulness. I know we are entitled to have aranf own opinion but that does not mean that all of our opinions is right and cannot hurt anybody else. These cowardly steps that I took with a fearful heart, I will now end.

Haha October 25, at 3: I think it shows more strength and remorse to keep living, bearing the burden of his crimes. Wandering forever “without time that changes from day to day” wouldn’t really work for anyone either, least a simple couple in love.

I mean to good for him There is no reincarnation in Confucianism. All in all, the drama showed that it had its story and world well plotted in advance, which is a pretty effective argument against the live-shoot in my book.

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Tina October 20, at Accepting eternal servitude catering to the higher laws of life. Eun-oh ducks out of sight and tells the girl she looks familiar. If you trace back, the Jade Emperor came as a result of older Chinese beliefs which ran into Buddhism. You did get it, yes, the migrates mother is the one who killed her but it’s not her intention, it was arang who shield her body for Joo Wal that’s why she is the one who is responsible for her own death.


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And cake is cake anyway you slice it. I can tye quite literal and so I am often in need of people pointing out the actual.

For me, this solution So… the gods knew all along? Girl Arang tells Boy Eun-Oh not to drink from the well of forgetfulness.

Enough [ Download ]. They must have had a meeting in the afterworld that we didn’t see. In solving that one thing, they get rid of the fairy, solve the issue with Arang or get a clue about it.

Emotional payoff is one thing but what exactly is sinopiss “intelligent ending”?

Another drama has ended but life goes on. Taoism also just permeated everything. So they both remember, and get to be happy – and that’s what I want for them.

I mean, in a sense, it does sound a bit ridiculous. Which uh, must make for some really awkward future family arahg A reverse of the dotting dad on daughter hahaha Also, did he talk and inform them of himself prompting them to name him as himself at arahg own birth? I was totally satisfied here, but absolutely hated Rooftop Prince’s reincarnation ending.

And he is not a serial killer Kiara October 19, at