Episode 4 by Regals. Nonetheless, overall Goong S was great. I started to watch this show because I had heard that Se7en might be the current boyfriend of Ku Hyesun Overall, I think Goong S was highly under-rated and suffered because people like me could not look past the Goong comparisons. He was so charming and sweet in Goong S, I liked it much better than Goong! Think I’m gonna get hooked into watching them coz of your summaries. Because… I was really happy. Joon asks his mother if she believes he has the qualifications and eligibility to be Crown Prince.

Veronika Aling Aling Juni 29, 9: Joon is drowning and burning in his sorrows when Shi-yeon finally finds him, slumped over, and rescues him…. Joon resigns himself to the fire, recalling events of the recent past. I knew Se7en from his early days but never a fan of him.. Gawd am learnin korean badly! Maya Rasnadea Mei 30, 6: As always, your summary was awesome! I enjoyed reading them, as I do all your recaps – they bring the series to life and bring back nice memories as I read them after watching the episodes.

And the funny thing is that I’ve started reading other sections of your blog. She admits to being unfaithful, but is certain Joon is definitely his son. Hasna Shalihah Ash-Shiddiqiyah Juni 29, 2: Great-mpinagari Juni 16, 5: Fransisca Sisca Mei 24, 7: Ike Juniar Juni 17, 9: Episode 4 by Regals.

But unlike his last few visits, this time, he seems calm and at peace. Maya Hoyrs Juni 14, 5: The Queen Mother comes to Hoo, sionpsis yet again that he introduced Soon-yi to his uncle. Keep up the good work!

K-Drama Review: Princess Hours/Goong, Episodes | Welcome to

Unknown Juni 18, 8: I had such a hard wall around me. Soon-yi takes off her necklace….


Without being greedy or ambitious, it came back around to you, simply. Because if I leave the Palace, Slnopsis want to marry her. I love how it ended.

[Indo Sub] Princess.Hours.Episode 18

Kok sinopsis nya gk bisa d buka yah padahal mah pengen tau ceritanya kyk gimana? Hoo anxiously waits for her, and finally finds a letter she slipped into his pocket. In the past three years, I tried really hard to forget you. The reason that I am contacting you that in my love for the first Goong, I bought the comic books set from hanbooks. I’m really eager to find out, since I think the ending doesn’t explain much about the continuation of Hoo and Soon Yi’s relationship.

Would you like it? My worry over lost love. A friend of mine highly recommended that I check your posts and I’ve been very glad that I did. Yet, having watched Goong S now, I think it even surpassed the original in several ways – better costumes loved the court ladie’s uniforms and thank God, no pink jackets on the men – my eyes popped at Shin’s fancy-dandy duds in Goong but I loved the quieter, understated elegance of the prince’s suits in Goong S – that, to me, was more like how royalty would dress.

Except for one thing. Koreans dont seem to make dramas that were as good as this now.

I knew Se7en from his early days but never a fan of him. Unknown Juni 27, For me the best summarised sentence of the review has got to be this one, it’s so apt and easy to understand but summarises the love between soon-yi and lee hoo perfectly. Really people should stop comparing Goong and Goong S And I’m totally agree with you. Though it may prjncess failed in the middle part, the latter episodes did well in capturing my attention.


We have to give this series a chance. Gambar dan video artikel pada website ini terkadang berasal dari berbagai sumber media lain. I thought you would be able to episods it.

Kenapa semua cerita selalu keluarny berita trevel apalah itu ,gk asik banget c. And now Goong S Episode 20 subtitles are out! Go, Han Sang Gung!

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Episode 12 by LollyPip. It was great finally seeing them move on. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: But they brush it aside as empty threats. But Hyo-jang peincess Joon into a crushing hug, wracked with tears. So I started watching Goong S out of curiosity. He remembers the scene from last episode which I eplsode out of the recap the summary was getting longwhen Joon and Shi-yeon reminisce on how they met.

Thanks to everyone’s interest in Goong S, this is one of WordPress’s top posts of the day 28th, to be exact. Jika ada masalah terkait hal ini, Anda dapat menghubungi kami disini.

You have been forewarned. I’ve been encouraged to write these after I read your episodr. Irawati Rahim Juni 08, Just FYI, i’m working on the final ep subs now so they should be released soon.