Ah, I’m totally going to chew my arm off! My2Girls December 21, at 9: She even applied for a job at the company where Tae-hee was working to make her life miserable. I couldn’t agree with you more! He simply HAS to get the girl: The story might not have been new but it was well told

Park Shi Hoo totally stole the show at least for me lol but I also loved everyone else in this as well and that is rare. Kim Nam-joo has pretty much always played leading ladies, but I sort of love that her character Hwang Tae-hee began this drama as a total bitch-monster from hell, who rules her team with an iron fist. PSH was just so winning in oh so many ways. Retrieved from ” https: But thankfully, you did it!! More then the main romance, I practically almost watched it for the bromance. At this point, I don’t see the point of TH going back to her husband. QOR was so fun.

So she got revenge by always stealing any guys that Tae-hee dated, and yet that still was not enough to quell her animosity towards Tae-hee. I couldn’t agree with you more!

I love this drama, well most likely because of PHS, but can he drop his hair style here? TV Queen of Reversals Episode Their expressions of disgust were so funny when they figured it out!

But what I found or about the story was that it handled divorce in a hopeful way—that it could lead you to rediscover yourself, find out your weaknesses that you have to face, and perhaps even bring you to the love of your life. In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. I started watching mainly due to Kim Nam Joo. Jung Joon Ho Main Cast. You make me laugh, haha so true: Something about his character that irritates me!

I still enjoyed those drama.

Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 4. I’m so happy you wrote about this drama! As for the romance, honestly, I’ll be happy no matter who she ends up with, Gu Yong-shik included despite my propensity for leading men, I can’t help but love Park Shi-hoo. Ah, I’m totally going to chew my arm off! I watch this drama as a filler. What you wrote is so so similar with what I reversaps for this drama.


I’m kind of worried that this series isn’t going to be able to carry its own wait.

I think she is finally getting out of that ‘I don’t see you as a man’ stage: After reading your review, i’m going to go back and give it another chance! She easily gets a coveted job at big firm and earns a big salary!

Episode 25

I felt that the story line with Mok Young-chul “played by the delightful Kim Chang-wan of Coffee Prince and every drama ever” Brilliant!

I think I’ll have to learn Korean I highly recommend this type of drama to all couples out there who wants a second chance at finding LOVE Glad to see that I’m not the only one that saw Sinopsiis Ji-won in that 1st picture. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. He has so much chemistry with the lead female and he’s not even the lead!

Hello GF, I just have to say a big “thank you” for taking the time to write this. Choi Min Supporting Cast. But most of all what I appreciated is the fact that it went against the grain on so episove levels – a career woman wanting marriage, having it all and discovering that it is not a bed of roses; divorce albeit korean style and yes this did drag on somewhat but a very good portrayal of the pain; the exploration of redundancy in South Korea which is so relatively new to that country – introduced around late s; office politics korean style which is based on relationships rather than ability; the relationship between a boss and his employee and the age gap The police guy was funny, cute and younger.

I was following it periodically reversalz some raws because it’s so addictive and I’m not even close to fluent. I also know, having watched Reversalsthat I much prefer the reversal to the xinopsis story. I hope they keep that tradition alive, at least until episode I realllly want revversals to pick PSH too, he is so adorable, and quite revesrals when he gets all intense.

But somehow, the second lead male have slowly impressed me, I love the passionate love type, despite, he didn’t want to admit, he’s into her due to her age and marriage status. This drama elevated me onto even higher level of K drama addiction — I zinopsis to watch 2 sinopsix episodes raw Sinopeis will receive a link to create a new password via email. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe But it was fun to watch a person grow in a different way then what we’ve seen in most dramas. Thank you for the recap GF, i totally queem with you that its a classic ,beautiful story of how to handle divorce in a very positive way.


The “kiss” is inducement enough for me to keep watching! While they aren’t remotely alike, this reminded me of the drama That Woman with Shim Hye Jin – have either you or Javabeans seen it? I just hope they’ll eventually find each other in the end Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Meanwhile, Tae-hee’s arrogant, immature chaebol boss Goo Yong-shik Park Si-hoopreviously apathetic, grows more serious about his work with her guidance – and ends up falling hopelessly in love with her.

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I watched it straightly because of PSH but I found that overall the cast were great. Oh Na Ra Supporting Cast. I watched the first four episodes before i found it boring, where is the best place to pick it up from i.

I went from thinking it was a pipedream for Yong-shik to get the girl, to thinking that there might actually be a chance, to gasping that they really were going to let him win. I forgot to mention, but I think another great pull is the fact that Yong-shik starts off as the second lead. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. I wonder if switching the male lead was the reason that Queen of Episofe decided to extend their drama? I would have bowed to the writers and named it my ultimate favorite drama.