Threats to Democracy , Princeton University Press, , p. La polizia lo ritrova prima che esploda. Thomas Kram, member of a German terrorist group linked to Carlos the Jackal and the Palestinians, was in Bologna on the day of the massacre. The 37 bus and the clock stopped at Musumeci also produced a phony dossier, entited “Terror on trains. Cavallini, Fioravanti, Mambro and Giuliani were convicted of forming an armed gang. Due to the large number of casualties and an insufficient number of emergency vehicles available to transport the injured to hospitals, firefighters used buses particularly from the 37 route , private cars, and taxis.

Qui una quarantina di persone erano radunate per ascoltare una conferenza del professor Achille Cruciani. The French novel, which satirizes lateth-century Parisian intellectual and political life, [31] involves two detectives investigating what they assume to be the murder of the philosopher Roland Barthes. The first trial began in Bologna on 9 March Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. A long, controversial court case began after the bombing. Although the damaged part of the station has been mostly reconstructed, the original floor tile pierced by the detonation has been left in place and a deep crack covered by a glass panel has been left in the reconstructed main wall. The group, which began with 44 members, grew to

Relatives of the victims formed the Associazione dei familiari delle vittime della strage alla stazione di Bologna del 2 agosto on 1 June to raise and maintain awareness of the bombing. On 26 Augustthe prosecutor of Bologna issued twenty-eight arrest warrants for far-right militants of the NAR and Terza Posizione.

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The explosion collapsed the roof of the waiting room, destroyed most of the main building, and hit the Ancona — Chiasso train which was waiting at the first platform. Although the damaged part of the station has been mostly reconstructed, the original floor tile pierced by the detonation has been left in place and a fillm crack covered by a glass panel has been left in the reconstructed main wall.

The station clock was stopped at Cavallini, Fioravanti, Giuliani, Mambro and Picciafuoco were convicted of forming an armed gang; Fachini and Rinani were acquitted. Several members of the neo-fascist terrorist organization Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari Armed Revolutionary Nuclei were sentenced for the bombing, [1] although the group denied involvement.


Many passers-bys and travelers provided first aid to victims and helped rescue people who buried under the rubble.

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On 11 JulyFachini, Fioravanti, Mambro and Picciafuoco were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder; Rinani and Signorelli were acquitted. Commenti sul post Atom. Shortly after the bombing, the Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata press agency received a call from an individual claiming to represent NAR and claiming responsibility. During a BBC interview, former Italian president Francesco Cossiga reaffirmed his belief that the massacre was attributable to Palestinian resistance groups operating in Italy rather than fascist black terrorism and in the innocence of Francesca Mambro and Valerio Fioravanti.

Ecco le prove della pista araba”il Giornale22 October in Italian.

I tre elementi di punta dell’organizzazione – Giulio Paggio, Paolo Finardi e Natale Buratto, condannati all’ergastolo – furono aiutati a fuggire in Filmm. The station was full of tourists that Saturday, and the city was unprepared for a major disaster. The new trial began on 11 October The detectives, who travel to Bologna to interview Umberto Econarrowly escape injury in the attack.

After the attack, large demonstrations were held in Piazza Maggiore Bologna’s central square. Threats to DemocracyPrinceton University Press,p.

Molti dei suoi componenti furono ritenuti responsabili di una serie di omicidi e violenze a danno di persone politicamente legate al passato regime fascista, a partiti ostili a quello comunista come quello Liberale o a quello dell’Uomo Qualunque. Eligio Trincheri, condannato all’ergastolo, rimase in carcere fino alquando fu graziato dal presidente codefigo Repubblica, Giuseppe Saragat. Ciavardini received a year prison sentence srrage his role in the attack. The far right in Europe: The only applause was reserved for President Sandro Pertiniwho arrived by helicopter in Bologna at 5: La Volante Rossa fu un’organizzazione paramilitare attiva a Milano e dintorni nell’immediato secondo dopoguerra, dal al cpdevigo The court also acquitted other defendants, canceled the judgment and ordered a new trial because the sentences were “illogical, incoherent, not assessing proofs and evidence in good terms, not taking into account the facts preceding and following the event, unmotivated or poorly motivated, in some parts the judges supporting unlikely arguments that not even the defense had argued”.


Greenwood World Press, p.

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The 37 bus and the clock stopped at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Some doctors and hospital staff returned early from vacation to care for the victims, and hospital departments which were closed for the summer holidays were reopened to accommodate the casualties. A long, controversial court case began after the bombing. On 16 MayFioravanti, Mambro and Picciafuoco were sentenced to life imprisonment; Fachini was acquitted.

The suitcase also contained personal items belonging to two right-wing extremistsa Frenchman, and a German.

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The Bologna massacre Italian: Later, in a special session of the Senate, Cossiga also supported the theory that neo-fascists were behind the attack: Soprattutto in questo periodo diverse organizzazioni neofasciste, come i Fasci di Azione Rivoluzionaria, operavano per mezzo di azioni violente ed attentati verso esponenti della Resistenza italiana e dell’associazionismo socialista e comunista.

This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat Per comprovare questo basti consultare, come sopra specificato, la sentenza di secondo grado emessa a Venezia nel novembrea disposizione presso l’Archivio di Stato fonti: Belmonte and Musumeci were convicted of defamation, and the other defendants were acquitted.

La polizia lo ritrova prima che esploda.

Views Read Edit View history. The Globe and Mail. Il nome derivava da un reparto di partigiani comunisti che operava nella zona dell’Ossola. Ruins of the Bologna station west wing after dtrage bombing.