His ideals, grand and right as they are, were formed in the safe bubble of his secure upbringing; he has lived too sheltered from reality. Because I’m a fence straddler, I never choose sides. It is also fusion saeguk. Anyway, enough with the anthropological observations. And Yoon-hee did the safest thing she could do to save Sun-joon. She finds him at archery practice a young man frustrated and confused goes to the gym, of course.

And that’s what makes this drama even more wonderful. Yong-ha warns Cho-sun not to piss In-soo off too much. Sun-joon sees right through her lie and tells her not to come back. That day, I died with my older brother. Seol Go-bong 20 episodes, Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 10 thoughtsramble November 13th, All right, things got a little angsty right in these few episodes as Sun Joon struggled with his what-seemed-more-than-friendship-love love to Yoon Hee.

OMG… may be this more than time I am visit this epispde. His father advises him to be careful; the world has its eyes on him and is waiting for him to misstep.

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I trust you, more than I trust myself. The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman. He pulls different colored cloths from it, sets fire to zungkyunkwan by snapping his fingers and produces fruit from it, much to the amazement of most of his class.

Soon-dol 15 episodes, Hyun-ju Seong Aeng-aeng 14 episodes, Nam Myung-sik 19 episodes, Jung-kyun Kim Should he hold her? This class is about the Analects of Confucius. I usually hate how the writers just have to make the evil guys supremely evil to a point where I want to kick their butts and scurry along with the story.

Will this ever get tired? But why should you cooperate meekly, as if he owned you? Meanwhile, poor Jae-shin, who is unaware that his chances with Yoon-hee have just sailed off into the sunset, is beside himself with worry. Churning out the recaps is sucking up my time! Add the first question. Sounds like a certain hair-tossing individual…. Sun-joon should know that the merchants paid for the slush funds of the Noron faction. Sun-joon tries to stop her, and she clocks him.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal

This works out just swell for him—until Yong-ha finds the jar and demands he drink it all. He advises the king to punish both Yoon-hee and Sun-joon for failing the test and misinformation, respectively, and set right his subgkyunkwan as king.

DongYi’s been extended from 50 to Have a look at this Her words made it sound like he had written them, commenting on the hypocrisy of the upper classes, asking why it is that one who sells writing to buy rice is a thief, and one who sells writing to buy power is a loyal citizen. They don the official uniform required within the palace, and to separate himself from the other lemmings, Yong-ha wore very flashy clothes underneath.

I think that sungkyunlwan be explained by the fact that she got used to calling him that. The reason becomes clear a moment later when the king opens her exam sheet and reads her answer. Jae-shin basically acknowledges it by strongly denying eisode. Across the yard, In-soo and his posse see Sun-joon and Yoon-hee practicing together. Only to find Yong-ha waiting outside the door. No one could possibly beat Yoon-hee when it comes to sungkyunkwaj confidence.

Or is it just me, swooning over practically every pretty boy? Lemontda on Heartless City Episode 20 Reca…. This is all disadvantageous for the higher class merchants but Minister Ha reminds him that the Noron are backing them—so what is he complaining about? Yoon-hee is jaded by circumstance.


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Personal Taste TV Series This is just my opinion and I think the creators probably made it to be so ambiguous so we would have these debates. Actually I was daydreaming one time and was creating my own plot for succeeding episodes. Capture both the man and the girl! Here you go, Raine!! The funny-smelling stuff in the fridge. Yeah, diplomacy is a scary thing and yet a necessity in life! Oh Guh-ro, you’re too cute for words sometimes. They happily report back to In-soo that Bok-soo will keep his end up the deal.

Minister Ha dispenses very shameless and sly advice. During their adorable bout, Yoon-hee unknowingly drops her bow and runs off with Guh-ro chasing after—leaving Byung-choon to pick it up.

D Anticipating all the reviews yet to come for this drama!

What a bad-ass sweetheart… Meanwhile, Sun-joon is looking for Yoon-hee all around campus—the library, the dormitories. The king counters that her sentence is too light.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince I really hope he reforms and join team Yoon-shik! Mom warns her to endure hardship no matter what and to not lose her cool, because nobody must learn that she is a girl.

Raine August 23, at 7: Prostitute her brains, or her body?