The newer editions of Philip Stein “feel-good” watches are equipped with a “multi-frequency alloy. Single Frequency Technology SFT , uses two chips that interact with the electric field of the battery and the magnetic field of the watch movement to create a frequency ranging from Hz. Moderate wear on strap. Other see details Time left: Tuesday, February 10, Neiman Marcus. This waveform is alive with checked and balanced energies.

I have been a buyer in the fashion industry for years. Browse Related Browse Related. The TESLAR technology is an active, cutting-edge technology that produces an oscillating signal which helps to shield the body from electronic pollution. Betsyb- I troied to look at your profile but it was blank. If Philip Stein was proud of their new line that doesn’t use Teslar, why haven’t they announced it to the public? This page was last updated: Shipped with UPS Ground.

I’m not a watch expert so I can’t say for sure how well it works. This may all sound like a lot of scientific jargon, but many wearers of Teslarwatches swear by it.

You cant say it doesnt hold a charge if warch dont know its components. The benefit of the watch is comparable to being in a quiet, calm.

Watch serviced and new batteries installed on August 1st The most recent news Tewlar found out claims Philip Stein is not even putting the chips into the PS watches at all.

For no charge whatsoever, they replaced my NFT chip with a Teslar chip. Other see details Time left: Some people cyip experience noticeable changes in their typical disposition. Unfortunately I have seen this happen a lot, one company trying to gain from another without giving them correct representation.


Slight chip in f Your body is supposed to be at a natural 7.

They must know something that we don’t. Link to this Page.

Philip Stein Teslar Watches

Dual Dial, Analog Display. This is some information I found online: For an texlar company it is surprising they don’t have enough sense to chpi out about chjp issue Betsy B I’m not sure if you are still checking this blog, but I think you’d be interested to know this.

New York Jewelers is located in the heart of downtown Chicago and has been locally owned and operated for over years. Teslar Scams Philip Stein and all the above Chances are, if you are at all familiar with frequency-based technology particularly the chips used in popular designer watchesyou may also be familiar with Teslar and their scams.

Neiman Marcus Philip Stein Scam. It protects the body and the mind from harmful “static”.

Teslar Watch Repair

I haven’t seen any reviews that claim the new PS watches without Teslar technology wath. If you do not feel the same when you get your watch back after repair, open the back and make sure you have a real chip it is teslsr and make sure your old chip has not been turned over. So I asked to see a watch that had the Teslar logo on it to see the back– Teslar chips. I would hate to be on either side of this battle. Are you being scammed cchip Philip Stein? I want my money back or I will even pay for a new Teslar chip.


Wired magazine has a great review of the original Telsar Chip watch http: Go to Bio Electric Shield Menu.

Teslar Scams

David Warner October 13, at 7: Browse Related Browse Related. People don’t have the same affect when the stein alloy is put in their watch I am doing a project for my business ethics class about the dangers of partnerships.

Would you know how I could find this information out? Give this Philip Stein watch a chance to illuminate your mind, body, spirit, and wardrobe! I then asked if the new one that looked like mine was a Teslar watch and the sales lady said yes. The benefit of the watch is comparable to being in a quiet, calm cocoon, relatively free from the turbulence of the electromagnetic storm raging around us.

I know my boss is away in boston andwont be back for two weeks. Unknown December 21, at Does alloy maintain any type of charge? If after wearing the watch for a few weeks you or those around you notice no significant changes, you can try wearing awtch watch on the other wrist.