The story and characters are as shallow as kiddie pools, the editing never slows down the pace which is tiring after the first twenty minutes, the same establishing shots are used in the very first shot of every scene, the music also doesn’t know how to tone down, as that the climax of each scene is accompanied with large, “rousing” crescendo, the writing is awful and gives you no look into the mind of the characters at least I hope they had more going on in their heads than what was expressed , there is no acting to speak of, and the visual effects look like they’re from a Sci-Fi Channel movie. However every single set piece looks like a cheap knock-off, right down to the CG extensions – case in point, one seriously fake looking puppeteer lion looks even worse than that in cable series Spartacus and Rome. Liam McIntyre as Sotiris. OTTO April 3, at 7: Downloaded , times Uploaded By: The laughable love story is unengaging, poorly scripted and given far too much screen time.

The dramatic pause in the middle of the action made famous in the movie is in every single action sequence. Hercules is supposed to be a demigod that achieves the impossible; the movie portrays none of this. In Ancient Greece B. Let’s face it; The Legend of Hercules isn’t going to resurrect Harlin’s status in Hollywood anytime soon. All p p 3D. Scott Adkins as King Amphitryon.

The story behind one of the greatest myths is revealed in this action-packed epic – a tale of love, sacrifice and the strength of the human spirit. The acting is hilariously awful Kellan Vdlocker and the villains especially. Home Browse Login Register. Anyway back to The Legend of Hercules. He desires only one thing: I hope this film herculez but I doubt it. Parental Guide Downloadedtimes Uploaded By: It is only towards the end that an attempt is made to show Hercules as he should be seen, but I had tuned out long before then.

I mean I thought this kind of clumsy, lowest common denominator filmmaking died in the 80’s. I don’t expect much in legedn type of movie in terms of plot or characterization. Where do I begin? Tech specs 3D p p 1.


To add to my disappointment, I also discovered that IMDb doesn’t have a “0 star” rating, what the hell? With the exception of McKee and Adkins surprisingly turning in a solid performancemost of the cast members – especially Lutz – needs to sign up for advanced acting classes.

In action “porn” like this, the plot is usually just barely coherent enough to move from one action sequence to the next and the characters are as black and white as a chessboard.

Hercules | Netflix

If you have no idea who Mr Lutz is, check out his appearances in the Twilight instalments. We didn’t realize that the legendary Greek hero Hercules actually ventures on vodpocker same path until now. Comparing to the animated feature by Disney, this one is hardly worth the time.

Everything in the movie has been done better in other films. Parental Guide for all the movies will be republished soon.

The poster reads From the director of Cliffhanger and Die Hard 2 – it’s unfortunate they forgot to add in the fact that both were movies from more than twenty years ago, and Renny Harlin’s directing career has long been hwrcules by a certain Cutthroat Island. As the title suggests, this is an origin story that sets up the demigod character. Unimaginative plotting aside, the movie suffers from incredible clunky, modernized dialogue peppered with a variety of British and American accents and awful delivery from the actors.

It would have really benefited from a Conan-esque level of violence to give the movie more weight and better directed action sequences. Latest Year Rating Likes Downloads. Unless you’re watching for a cheap laugh, you should avoid this stinker like the plague. The story of Hercules’s impossible tasks, hedcules abandoned and only makes a cameo in a scene where he kills a lion and instead it’s been replaced with a meathead’s view of Ridley Scott’s, Gladiator.

The fight scenes are a total rip off of and Gladiator, with obnoxious slow-mo being used every 10 seconds. The romance is laughable. The trailers made it look like a movie made mostly for the sake of violence vodlocmer for showcasing the sweaty, hairless, shirtless bodies of the male actors; there is plenty if the latter, but shockingly less than expected of the former so if you’re interested in bloody and graphic violence skip it, there’s nothing that graphic to speak of.


And I gotta say, after seeing this movie, I’m really looking forward to the Brett Ratner version, and that’s saying something. All p p 3D. King Amphitryon favors his elder son, Iphicles Liam Garrigan ; unfortunately he is not hercukes material let alone lead a kingdom and winning the heart of Princess Hebe.

It is staggering to me that with a mythology as rich and engaging to draw from, they choose a tired rehashing of Gladiator as the main focus of the film.

I can usually enjoy any swords and sorcery type film and find something good about it. OTTO April 3, at 7: Downloadedtimes Uploaded By: As fate would have it, Hercules survived the war and returns to reclaim his love and kingdom from the wrath of King Amphitryon.

The Legend of Hercules

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It’s a tad disappointing that a movie about a demigod with incredible strength fares without emotion and plays like generally a mere paint-by- number adventure. Written by at least four credited writers one of them from the terrible Conan the Barbarian remake and Harlin himselfit is such a shame that the supposedly mythology-inspired story instead resembles Ridley Scott’s Gladiator more than anything – if you recall, Maximus, was also betrayed and sold to slavery but made a comeback for revenge.