Kofi counters that with a DDT for 2. I like this Fandango guy, he is got everything required to be something just needs to change his gimmick. Stephanie says Miz failed his family, friends and himself last week. Back from the break and Young is getting beat up by Rollins and Ambrose. I always wonder that. Kofi ends up leaping over the top rope and taking Del Rio out on the floor. Miz tells Stephanie to take her legal threats and shove them up her ass.

Ziggler comes in and keeps up the attack on Rollins. Jarrett was involved in a backstage production meeting and was also working in some kinda of agent role. Punk and Taker put up a pretty good match. We have been unable to get in contact with Karen to determine the extent of her injury, or how it occurred. He was one of the best managers. Punk says he’s proud of his Blackhawks jersey and the people.

We see The Shield standing guard at ringside. It was a solid tag team match. Wes starts bitching at Bully about giving Brooke the credit, but Bully tells him to shut his mouth.

Stephanie gets in AJ’s face and tells her she will compete in a 10 Diva match tonight or maybe she won’t be Divas Champion for much longer. Orton cuts him off and readies for the RKO.

Punk counters and whips Axel into the lights under the big screen. Why the hell does Big E has a mom butt lol: In the wrestling ring. Magnus clotheslines Kaz out of the ring and then starts wearing Daniels out in the corner. Skull Island’ eert ‘Apocalypse Now’. One of the Usos goes at it with Seth Rollins to start the match. Love the chemistry between the two. Looked like Gunner may have hurt his knee on that finish. Please CM Punk win!


That sacriffice RAW crowd! Park hits the Black Hole Slam on Robbie! Magnus beats On,ine down in a corner but then Daniels runs out and hits Magnus from behind. Salman says if she Priyanka ever came on this show or on colors channel, i will never work with colors ever. Punk drops the mic and runs to Heyman on the ramp. Hardy tosses Manik back into the ring and then hits him with a Leaping Mule Kick that sends Manik crashing into the corner.

Stephanie stands over Miz before making her exit. Kaz pulls Sting out of the ring tba then Roode covers Magnus for the pin! HHH looked pretty fit to me. Kofi counters that with a DDT for 2. Crimson Brian Kendrick vs. Haha oh yeah, that was hilarious as well. As bret heart says no one will be like the undertaker and no one can become the undertaker. Man, that’s what I call build up! That segment was still brilliant though.

And watching live is normally very interesting if there’s a live chat happening somewhere!

TNA Lockdown 2012 part2

Magnus hits a series of European Uppercuts on Kaz and then tags Sting into the match. Our goal, from a personal standpoint, is to work harder than everyone else day in, day out.

Cena is winning, hunter is winning, Taker is winning Deisrulez goes off the air with Bryan and the fans chanting together. Manik ducks a clothesline and then drop toe holds a charging Sacrjfice into the ropes.


Ambrose runs back down but Ziggler knocks him out of the ring. I don’t know if the PG’s wrestling fans are following this or not, but today, the wrestling community has really outdone itself. Can’t stop thinking about Sunday’s PPV Kaz chokes Sting with his boot and then and then tags Roode into the match.

Roode says if they want them they got them but then retreats as MEM starts to approach them on the ramp. Mickie hits a sliding dropkick for a nearfall. Back from the break and Del Rio is in control after sending Kofi into the ring post during commercial. Daniels goes for a clothesline but Joe ducks and dives through the ropes with the Elbow Suicida onto Kaz on the floor!

You see every wrestler needs and equal if not better, rival to thrive in this business.

But the other matches He has nothing to back up his claims of saying best in the world. They go at it as the fans chant.

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TNA Lockdown part2 РVid̩o dailymotion

He’s wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. Bryan, Deisrulez and the Usos each take a corner of the ring to surround Rollins. We all knew who was going to win.