While it seemed like a smart idea, not everyone was onboard. Lafayette and James throw a ‘celebration of life’ party at Sookie’s in the wake of Alcide’s death and convince her to get dressed and look appropriate. But here’s the shocker: Hoyt who suddenly appears, kills Violet and saves everyone. In exchange, the humans would receive protection from their vampires. Um, we need to be realistic about the sort of relationship these two have. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

But she was introduced too late in the game, and she flipped her switch from crazy-in-love to just-plain-crazy without enough development. But despite a heartfelt speech from Snatch and a scared puppydog look from Eric, Bill forgets all his manners and just downs that mess without offering any to either of them. A local named Vince spots Sam shifting. It started out sweet and fun, and a little sexy, but then became a mess of Billith proportions. Sarah Newlin Season 2, 6, 7 If you had told me back in Season 2 that Sarah Newlin would become True Blood ‘s most heavily recurring villain, I would have said you were crazy. Meanwhile, Violet retaliates following Jason’s infidelity by luring away Andy and Holly’s children after Andy finds Wade in bed with Adilyn. LaFayette has another chance at love with James, just like Jessica and Hoyt have their chance now. But then Russell just

Bill exploding into a pool of blood and emerging as an angry, naked vampire goddess hell-bent on killing everything in the universe.

Bill attempts to will his property to Jessica, but is confronted by multiple obstacles including the unusually rapid progression of his illness and vents his frustration before returning home, to find Sookie and Jessica waiting for him. Sookie and Jessica are left devastated after Bill decides not to drink the antidote; as a result Jessica asks Bill to seqson her from his maker bond.


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So can we get a little screamo rock up in here?? In other news, Alcide takes a really strong dose of V and kills J.

Anyway, I’m sooooo sad to say this, but our time is officially over! Um, we need to be realistic about the sort of relationship these two have. Jason, who’s dumber than usual due to sexson head injury, thinks he’s on a mission to avenge his parents’ deaths. Who Should Win Best Actress?

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This page was last edited on 24 Januaryat Meanwhile, James stages an intervention for Jessica, who hasn’t fed since she accidentally killed Adilyn’s billiyh sisters. Meanwhile, Lafayette and James spend the night bonding and getting high once again. Retrieved August 13, Elsewhere, Sarah seeks shelter with her estranged vampire sister Amber who is also dying of Hep Vwhere she reveals something about herself that might change everything. Bill asks Eric to help persuade Sookie to hear him out.

Hoyt arrives in Bon Temps with his girlfriend Brigette to identify his mother’s body.

But these last two seasons without show creator Alan Ball have actually done a lot that is right though not everything. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam agree to cooperate with Mr. True to the End. I’m speechless for the second time this recap. Despite being able to hear all the hateful thoughts from the billihh townspeople, Sookie pleads with them to let her help.


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Sarah is found and captured by Eric, Pam and Mr. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. But she was introduced too late in the game, and she flipped her switch from crazy-in-love to just-plain-crazy without enough development. Also, Luna might be dying. Retrieved July 10, Then he has clumsy, grunting sex with her.

Retrieved July 9, Lettie Mae’s obsession to talk with Tara causes her to take a violent action which in turn gets her thrown out of the party. Nay, they were wiggity wack.

Retrieved July 15, Queen Mab Season 4 Raise your hand if you remember this fine lady. Nicole tells Sam she doesn’t want to raise their unborn daughter in a place as dangerous as Bon Temps and gives him a choice: Like, srsly, it’s been real.

I’m not sure which of those is worse, but if I had to pick one, I would have to say the lying. She rounds villith her friends, including Eric, to go and save them, bloox their attempted rescue coincides with an attack by the anti-vampire mob from Bon Temps.