You break my heart, and then put it back together again. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Two Noble Idiots running about. It is just not fair to others. If she did that, all the angst and conflict of the previous several episodes would have been moot, and that would have made me bitter. Should I have phrased it more like “In my humble and honest opinion, he is not a very good actor and could improve” just so you won’t get angry? I’m going to miss this show so so so so so much. Now, the vindictive mother Gumiho begins her revenge.

I was wondering about that. He has his flaws, but in my opinion, he was really enjoyable to watch. Meh, if solar eclipses appear pretty often which I know they don’t in South Korea or where I live.. From wanting to spend every waking moment together? But not in Ilsan! I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to play the roles.

Just by looking at the way he tried to hold his tears already made me cry a bucket. I wanted to act well in “Haeundae” and “All For Love” left a strong impression on me. I’m so glad they dropped the tragedy part, if there ever was one and this wasn’t an elaborate stunt to raise the shows popularity, which I suspect it was.

My parents disapprove of that idea though and say that I should work harder instead of changing my name and taking a step backwards. He cries her name out one last time, and then…stands in the path of an oncoming truck. Neither did I know that one can only voice their opinion if it’s absolutely positive and happy. I was so thankful, But I think my reaction to the wrap-up is a bit less enthused.


I realize the dramatic removal of one’s sunglasses is a trope, but Little Director is going to blind himself like that!! Javabeans September 30, at 9: Your post really ggumiho me LMAO Just because somebody is capable of making some expressions he is a good actor?! Dong-joo watches him from afar, amazed at his bravery in this act of love. Your only standard to compare him too must be the robot from PK I know you own your own opinion, but please be more human when you comment about him because you may raise anger from others.

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He is still 23 and has a great opportunity to be a great actor in the future. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: He has no training and he seems to be trying, but that does not make him good. We’ll be practicing our hoi-hoi skills. HanCinema’s Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas!

Just my opinion though.

So yeah, Seung Gi was lovely, but not perfect. People say it’s when you have the most fun. In the photo shoot of “High Cut” on the 1st, Kim Yoo-jung looked like teraihir very proud and cold girl like never seen before, One is honest personal opinion because the former is voicing only within the drama content while the other is malicious intention because its original intent is hurt.


Thank you for making many days better ones! A middle-aged couple finding love. The Hongs do both, and while I love the former, the latter can suck the zest out of a show.

For a yerakhir like this, not a fan of happy endings. Also, forgive me for stirring things up. Terakbir all the scary stuff. The crew treated me very well, they would always give me good food, and the actors were very nice as well.

This drama does count as a romantic gumih, but it did what no other drama could: What a great resolution. Gawd, these two kill me.

Naruto Shippuden Tailed Beast Song

She confesses to having one tail left, as she wraps it around his waist, with her best come-hither look in her eyes. Realizes that tissues and toilet paper and buckets won’t do. Terqkhir that he the one make you cry? Some of his scenes were so wooden I thought I was watching Pinocchio not that the character was that compelling to begin with.

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October 1, at 3: D I’m glad he had a happy ending too. I, however, did not get personal with you just because you like him.

I suppose it doesn’t matter on a metaphysical level but still