Tomoko doesn’t look like she’s having fun though. That blood scene was crazy. See Chapter 21, Page 7. Hard to not feel sorry for her. Perhaps it justifies every question. DD Heres my review for the episode as usual http: Wow, nice ED with Nonaka-san’s character caring for Tomoko. The committee chairman is such a nice person, dressing up and giving Tomoko a hug.

I was hoping they’d do one as soon as she mentioned performing. The game between lights and shadows are so overused in anime tho. I think this is my favourite episode of the series. And she thought like a dirty old man when she met Yuu-chan. I just realized that the scene at the end is supposed to be the consultations Tomoko does with her brother, I wonder if in the last episode he will kick her out of the room. Ha, the Haruhi reference. It’s called Anime Viking.

BBCode Modified by okanagan, Sep 17, 9: Ask anyone who’s been in her situation.

RAHMADI-KUN: Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

After two so-so eps this one was pretty good. I’m glad something nice happened to her at the end. Such a cute ending imo. And they made Mugi’s hair black!

Nope, she bought it at a store, which was a waste of money since she didn’t have the courage to ask for a shift at the cosplay cafe, she might have learned how to speak to people 1 her comfort zone. Ugh, I shipped Tomoko with Yuu-chan episod, but now I ship her with the cultural festival committee chairman too!


Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. The part where she was bleeding and when she wanted to grope Yuu were pretty funny though lol.

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Did she steal one of the cosplay costumes to show it to Yuu-chan? BBCode “Perhaps there is a universal, absolute truth. The committee chairman is such elisode nice person, dressing up and giving Tomoko a hug. Two hugs and people talked to her–a red letter day for Tomoko That was a really nice thing that the committee girl did.

But in the anime, Tomoko ran into the committee girl for the first time in the hall when she was bleeding, and got blood all over the printed flyers. Her classmates are clueless and inconsiderate as usual Getting a bit tired of Tomoko wanting to grope Yuu, though. In the manga, Tomoko met the festival committee girl for the first time in the gym. She’s actually very lucky to have a lot of kind people around her. No one hate her nor care to give her responsible during the festival.


What a great episode! And I think she could speak just a bit easier with strangers this ep. Thank goodness Kuroki Tomoko is making a bit of progress in her social life.


That girl needs all the help and sympathy she can get. Tomoko got noticed and it made me happy. I love school festivals in Anime too.

Then Tomoko saw her for the 2nd time in the gym. Tomoko looked so happy when she was hugged by Yuu, and that Committee Chairman girl was so sweet, she actually went up to Tomoko’s class to wztamote out about her. Wow, nice ED with Nonaka-san’s character caring for Tomoko.

That is in Chapter 20 of the manga. That ending was so cute, guh. Ha, the Haruhi reference. Maybe they were talking about Madoka Magica. Although, if they didn’t then KyoAni would probably sue them I guess